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 [Open - Party - Starts on Page 6] Warm house, cold beer - Page 6

[Open - Party - Starts on Page 6] Warm house, cold beer

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Re: [Open - Party - Starts on Page 6] Warm house, cold beer

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Tue Apr 28, 2015 8:27 am

OOC Message
All italics is Debo except the stuff in pink. Pink dialogue is some random drunk chick. Annnd the very last bit of italic is Christina.

OOC Message
Update, as of page 6 this thread is a party open to any that want to participate. And since it's a group thread there is no pressure on posting order, just follow the usual rules, if your character is interacting with someone, wait for that someone to respond before posting your character again, and don't post back to back with the same character. There is no need to read pages 1-5 if you don't wish to since that was pre-party business. Remember, this thread is backdated, and taking place in mid January. Have fun!

When you have a kid, you know every shade and tone of pink. Fuck I did it again. Why was it so hard to just not mention the fucking kid for two seconds? Even if I did mumble it I still said it. I was in no mood to try and get everyone to leave, especially since I heard another car pulling up and I knew there was a pretty good chance it wouldn't be the last.

I rushed into the kitchen and hid the good shit, and pulled all of the cheap shit onto the counter. I grabbed the bottle of vodka, shot glasses, and moved back to the living room after filling one of them with water. Listen up, shot time. I set them onto the coffee table and filled them to the rim. One of the drunk chicks tried to grab one and I passed her the one with water, Ah, ah, this one is for you. - ''Awww you made me a special ooonnnneee?'' - Hell yeah, this shit is so smooth, it goes down like water baby. I had nothing against drunk chicks, in fact, I encouraged women to get drunk, but there was a difference between fun drunk and sloppy, and this girl had already tipped the balance. She was probably in a fucking blackout already. ''What the fuck bro, I want the good shit too.'' - You think I'll waste my good shit on you Debo?

It's cute, I've seen it. I answered for him, You ever see a lil' grub peek out of a tree, it's like that. I laughed as I passed Donna and Christina their shots. ''When you see my dick Byrne?'' - Summer Camp, 2002. I picked up my shot and brought it to my lips, but Donna had me spitting laughter into the shot causing the liquid to slosh out the sides. ''DEUCE, DEUCE!'' - Fuck you bro that doesn't count as a duece, I didn't spill it, I spit it. - ''Swallow next time, don't spit. That's a fucking deuce so douche-deuce it you pussy.'' - We have a fucking guest of honor here you moron, don't be a tool, explain the rules, then I'll deuce.

He placed the cup in front of me and began pouring as he explained. ''It's simple, it's like a party foul but better. You spill, you get the deuce.'' he pointed to the cup, ''It's all you get to drink out of for the rest of the night, until someone else spills then it's passed onto them. The cup cannot be cleaned, and anyone can put anything into the cup that they want except of course the deucee, in this case, Logan. So maybe I'll put a little bit of this vodka in there...'' It wasn't a fucking little bit either, he filled it half way. ''Then maybe some...'' He rushed into the kitchen and came back with his arms full of shit. I covered my face not even wanting to see what kind of bullshit he was going to put into the cup but peeked through split fingers. ''Tapatío...'' He shook some sauce into the cup, ''Maybe some beer...'' I heard the can open, ''Oh I know, lighter fluid!'' Which was clearly fucking code for Jagermeister. It's a lot fucking easier if you're already brain dead like this idiot, or sloshed. I added. ''Just for that you're getting cocoa powder too.'' He scooped some into the cup and mixed it all together with his finger and leaned in, ''Guess where my finger's been.'' This shit was brutal... ''Bottoms up camper''

I picked up the cup and nearly barfed, it looked like fucking diarrhea, and smelled like radioactive mexican food. He didn't even break up the cocoa chunks... I closed my eyes and drank, no, I chugged that shit, there was no way I was going to sip that shit all night. I slammed the cup down and stuck my tongue out in disgust. I managed to stop just in time to smack Debo across the face as he was trying to take his shot, which caused the liquid to shoot out all over Christina's chest. HA DEUCE DEUCE! I mimicked, and used both fingers to point at him and laugh.

So Chris, don't think you're off the hook. I wanna know the answer to Donna's question-statement too. When 'you see Debo's grub? She  was staring at her vodka covered chest but managed to speak as she started looking for something to mop up the mess. ''Who hasn't seen Debo's grub?'' -  Donna why don't you lick it off her? I grinned, half joking but really hoping she would do it anyway.

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Donna Chambers
OOC Message
Donna and Christina disappear into Donna's bedroom at the end of this post ;)

It actually surprised me how... unsurprising it was to hear kid talk from Logan. I mean, no, he didn't seem like the type that would want to settle down, but I was that age where you almost couldn't meet up with a high school friend without them gushing about their goddamn kids. Yeah, okay, some of them actually had some cute little shits, Logan included. I kinda felt sorry for the girl, born into a pretty weird situation, but really not weird for nowadays.

I heard another car pulling up, and honestly, I was excited and curious. Logan was an awesome friend, and funny as fuck, but I just... I got fucking restless. The smile was already plastered on my face and I found a beer on the coffee table, suspecting it was mine, but I wasn't entirely sure. I finished it off before the door opened, and tried to hide my knowing smile when Logan handed WOOO girl her special shot. Yeah, I'd had one of Logan's special shots before, and not that I remembered it, but from what I had heard I truly fucking deserved it too.

You know Logan better than that, dude, Not exactly sure of the name Logan had called the guy, and I wasn't gonna fuck it up when it was easy enough to avoid first names. It's all about the ladies, isn't it? I said, but I made sure to wink at Christina. Subtlety, but repetition, and I'd have her in the bag... and on the floor, and on my bed, and hell maybe on Logan's bed. I took my shot and tipped it back, making a face but it was brief.

Oh. My. God. There was a small part of me that wanted to save my good friend, but the larger part was ready to watch this play out like a fucking train derailing. Bro, you got this. You've eaten nastier p- I stopped, remembering that Logan was technically in a relationship. Pizza... Luckily, I didn't think anyone was really paying attention; they were all just like me staring in awe at the concoction. But it wasn't even Logan's ability to down it like a champ that had choirs of angels in my ears. Maybe Christina was straight as an arrow, that didn't mean that her vodka soaked cleavage didn't amazing thoughts in my head. Shit, this was the goddamn magic ticket, and Logan was pressing the go button for me.

I half expected one of those looks, one of those looks straight girls always gave me when they found out I was gay. Like, as if they would look at me and find me obviously checking them out right after admitting my sexuality. Or just, awkward. But no, she had this adorable little grin and her face was that tell-tale shade of red. She made an attempt at a "glare" at Logan, but that shit wasn't believable when you were grinning right through it. I was fucking in.

Oh, sheesh, Logan, that would be cheating. But I can get the girl a clean shirt, I said, not taking my gaze from Christina. C'mon, you can pick one out. and I'd completely lost any fucks I gave about what Logan was putting in his friend's deuce or whatever.

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Re: [Open - Party - Starts on Page 6] Warm house, cold beer

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:01 pm

I placed my fist over my mouth as a bad feeling churned in my stomach. I could keep it down, it was just a lot easier if you were already drunk to begin with. Yeah, I'll take nasty pizza over this shit any day. I admitted, knowing damn well where her statement was going before she changed her mind. As long as someone licks my summer sausage after. I laughed and wiped the gunk from my drink off my lips. ''You know I'll lick your summer sausage bro.'' Debo spoke as he used the bottle of vodka in his had to pat at my sack while cackling like a moron. I instantly covered with my hands to protect myself from anymore abusive molestation. What happened at summer camp, stays at summer camp dude.

''Are you guys like... gay?'' The drunk chick asked as she practically fell onto the couch and began twirling her hair in what she probably thought was an attractive way, but her fingers got tangled up in that shit like it was a rats nest. Why did he always have to bring the most hammered chick at the bar. Every, fucking, time... Yeah, who can say no to this sweet piece of ass?

I was instantly occupied in putting whatever nasty shit I could find into Debo's cup. ''Be gentle baby.'' - Don't micromanage me dude, I'll go get some of that strawberry lube you got me for Christmas last year and fill this shit half way. I was so lost in the task I didn't even realize that another car had pulled up and somehow my Ipod had been disconnected from the stereo and someone else was playing DJ. Fuck did I miss the tongue tit thing?! I yelled over the music as I looked around the room before shrugging my shoulders and getting back to my concoction.

Debo had disappeared out front and I carefully picked up the cup which was filled to the rim. I moved my way out front, seeing him struggling in the lawn with that drunk chick. ''No, I'm leaving!'' She whined and he let go of her arm. ''Fine, go home, I don't give a shit how you get there.'' He adjusted his jacket and brought a blunt to his lips. Poor baby, your date go home early? What a shame. I'll never understand why you like 'em sloppy. I pushed the cup into his hands and patted him on the back. ''The sloppy ones like it in the ass, that's why.''

I rolled my eyes and pulled out my phone to type out a message, already feeling the party vibe and accepting that Debo had probably called half the town into this one already and there was no turning back, I figured that there was at least one person I for sure wanted to be here.

You got the address. Get here already. And don't forget to bring the girls to the party. HA

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OOC Message
Top | Skirt + Hair

My day had so far consisted of a meeting with my one of Papa's associates to get advice of a loan from the bank, something that was necessary if I ever want to have my own dance studio, and after that it was a few hours with an awful woman how kept talking about houses with room for growing family and things like that when all I'd wanted was a one-bedroom apartment with a spare room that I could use for my own personal dance space. Then it had been a call from Mama asking me all about my day and if I was going move after all. I knew that she didn't want me to go far and Index was closer than many other places, and I actually knew people there. But I still wasn't set on whether I'd take the risk. I'd refused Papa's offer of helping out with the money. Something like that would come to bite me on the ass and just be leverage, a favor for him to call in.

But now things were actually going to get fun. I was in the bathroom of the room I'd booked for the night, drying my hair with the towel when I heard my message alert go off. I jumped up, abandoning my efforts in favor of practically skipping into the bedroom, falling forward onto the mattress and bouncing slightly as I reached for my phone. My grin widened as I read the message, laughing as I had with every other message he'd sent that day. I couldn't wait to show up, especially when I'd heard that Donna was there too. 

patience grasshopper I must get ready. can't show up naked no matter how much you'd all love it. girls say hi :*

I giggled and pressed send, throwing my phone back down on the bed and practically diving for my suitcase. My policy of never going anywhere without some party clothes never had never let me down yet. I actually fell over in my haste to get ready, laughing as I thudded to the floor and wondering if there was someone in the room below me and if they were wondering what was going on up here. I squirmed until my clothes were on properly and pulled myself up. I pushed my hair back over my shoulder and set about getting ready as quickly as possible.

Not too much time had passed between then and the taxi pulling up outside Logan's place. I was practically bouncing in my seat as I saw that there were other cars pulling up too. Nothing beat a good party, nothing at all. Except a party with friends that you hadn't seen in too long. I flung open the taxis door and grabbed my bag, full of alcohol I'd bought for tonight, and made my way inside. I spotted Logan pretty quickly, a huge grin as I called over to him across the room. So... still never missing an opportunity to look ridiculous, huh Logan?

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OOC Message

Blue dream. That's what I had inside my pocket. Four joints perfectly rolled and ready to fire. I hadn't tried it before, and it actually felt weird and almost risky to have a blend that I didn't grow myself. But this would be good for a party right? And I didn't even try anything fishy with my spells, merely a little charm to keep any ill health effects at bay. I had been on a health kick, lately, but I did have an advantage over most. I stepped out of Trey's Dodge and headed toward the house, immediately hearing laughter, yells, all sounds that really pulled me back to college. God, a party was the same no matter where you went and no matter how old you got. The same shit, but that didn't mean it wasn't a hella good way to wind down and forget the shit you always wanted to forget. I had to admit, I was excited about not being an adult for a night.

I immediately spotted a familiar face or two when I walked in. I should have been embarrassed about seeing one of my former students, but no, I didn't think many of my habits had been a big secret to any of them. He gave me a nod of acknowledgment and I gave him the biggest smile in return, but I moved on. I found the kitchen immediately, and the smell of pizza had me remembering that I hadn't had a chance to eat before dropping in. It wasn't my typical diet, but I could splurge. I grabbed a slice and headed for Logan.

Hey, man. I've got some goods with me, none of that shit your friends always have.

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