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 [Open - Party - Starts on Page 6] Warm house, cold beer - Page 5

[Open - Party - Starts on Page 6] Warm house, cold beer

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Donna Chambers
Some people got really offended when the whole "turned you gay" discussion came about. Myself I thought it was hilarious. Hopefully most people weren't that ignorant about how it worked, nowaways. Besides, it was fun ammo to pick on people with. Even though Logan and I never actually went out, it was definitely hilarious to now be able to use the joke on him.

If anything *turned* me gay, it was a lifetime of fuckboys, I said, grinning at Christina. I could almost watch the tension ease away from her, the smile warming up, even though she was still a little hesitant.

I was married, I mean... Logan wasn't my last guy, you know. Christina now seemed completely enamoured with this conversation. Her plate in her lap, only the very tip of the pizza gone, she started asking the typical questions, which I did't really mind answering. I'd rather be asked straight up than have someone awkwardly dance around the subject.

"So, how did you realize? When did you know?"

You know I don't think there an actual point when I knew. I mean, you grow up as a typical hetero relationship being kind of um... like branded as your only option, right? But there were just little signs here and there, I mean like... It's not like I couldn't get it on with a dude. I just... It wasn't the dude that got me goin, if that makes sense. I mean, I can't say too much more without stepping into weird TMI territory." The second part of the discussion, the "TMI territory" was planned for later, when I could have a nice little heart to heart discussion with Christina. That TMI discussion was going to be my meal ticket.

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Re: [Open - Party - Starts on Page 6] Warm house, cold beer

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:45 pm

Just focus on the pizza. It was kinda hard, and no, not my dick. I mean focusing on something other than the lesbihonesty, or dishonesty, that all depended on what part of her little speech I was focusing on. Clearly I was more focused on the ''girls get me goin'' part. If this little plan worked, could I just skip on into my bedroom and watch family guy while Christina and Donna were in the other room removing each others clothes with their teeth? I took another big bite as I tried to imprint the image of that little fantasy on my mind. Fuck, all of a sudden the idea of Christina having some bicurious experience with Donna made her somewhat more attractive. It wasn't that she wasn't attractive, it was just the relationship had ran it's course, which naturally made every woman that wasn't her more attractive by default.

I rolled my eyes as my thoughts started to really process what she was saying. Look, I could accept that Donna was into women. Hell, it's part of what I loved about her. The fact that we could just talk about a chicks ass together without her suddenly getting all feminazi was fucking fantastic. And yeah, maybe I still held out hope that there was a threesome in my future, even if a part of me knew that was unlikely. But if she thought for a minute that I couldn't get her goin' she was nuts. I could pull an eighty year old woman from a coma and inject some desire into her dusty ass twat if I wanted to. So yeah, I could definitely get her goin'. She just didn't know it yet.

My thoughts moved on. I was bored the second Christina opened her mouth with her questions, which pretty much cancelled out the sexy points she had earned earlier from my fantasy. I folded the crust of my pizza as small as I possibly could then plopped it into my mouth where it expanded and I quickly realized why parents always tell their kids to take smaller bites and eat slower. Balls...

Y'know, Christina does a really fucking great Ellen DeGeneres impression. I lied, it was really shit. Show her Chris. When Christina's head turned back to focus on Donna I wrapped an invisible noose around my neck and played dead before getting up from my seat. Who better to show that shitty impression to other than Donna? I was on a mission now, a mission to get the fuck away from their ego bruising conversation and closer towards the pizza. Where had my beer gone anyway?

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Donna Chambers
"Weird TMI territory? Are you sure you dated this Logan?" Christina said, thumbing to Logan. Bless, the dude was sooo not having our conversation. Which really, I didn't know if it was for my sake or for his sake that he was so well behaved. I figured he'd be pushing our heads together trying to make us kiss so he could watch or hinting at something of that nature. Was he awkward, bored? Maybe he was already having second thoughts about our deal.

"Oh, no, Logan, don't make me do that, seriously!"

I hated it, but fuck I could read people. That was the fakest bullshit I'd ever heard. Girl wanted to show it off, which was kind of really fucking painful, seriously no impression of Ellen was good, even if it was good. If that made sense. I mean unless you were full on like... dressing up and everything and why the fuck would you do that unless it was an SNL skit or one of those amazing Epic Rap Battles. Fuck, I needed to find those assholes and get in on that shit. Sorry, but that would be fun as fuck. But yeah, what was I supposed to do? Roll with the old awkward conversation of how much I hated sex when I was "straight"? How I pretty much closed my eyes and pretended the homecoming queen from my high school was eating me out? Hey.. what? She was a bitch but she was hot. And I kind of wanted her to eat it.

Um, it's okay, maybe Logan can totally do that dude from Chapelle show? Remember? I looked over Christina and gave him a glaring smile, narrowed eyes. Sorry, I did the impressions. I didn't listen to shitty ones all day. And I had no fucking clue anymore if he even remembered Chapelle show. About any time I had watched it I'd been baked as a goddamn cupcake.

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Re: [Open - Party - Starts on Page 6] Warm house, cold beer

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:16 pm

Fuck I really hated her. But I didn't at the same time. She was just annoying. Every habit she had, and everything she said and did, all of these things that I found cute at the beginning of the relationship were now just annoying as hell. And I wasn't trying to turn Donna off of her either, I just figured it'd be a great way for Donna to ease into her talents, yanno, earn some ego boosting compliments. But the second she did her impression of Ellen I quickly realized that probably wasn't the best way to get Donna interested in her. Shit Christina had her pluses too, and no I didn't just mean her rockin' body and okay face either. It's just... Most of the good shit about her only came out when she was drunk, the sober version of her was just mind numblingly boring to me. Okay cool, she thinks animals are ''cute and sweet'' and would probably run a mile up the street just to help an old lady cross the street safely, but fuck I wasn't looking for mother fucking Teresa. I liked fun people, and Christina just didn't fit that definition. Unless of course she was hammered...

Shiiiiiiiit, you know I leave the impressions up to you. I took a big bite from another slice of pizza and gave both of them a wide, closed grin with puffed up cheeks. My phone buzzed in my pocket as I headed for the fridge to pull out a beer. I checked the message and decided to grab a couple more for the girls. I hate to break it to you guys but uh... I took another big bite and moved to the living room just as headlights flashed through the front window. Looks like the boys are here. I didn't mean to throw a road block into Donna's plans, but I also had no control over it. I guess Debo ran into Melissa and found out the house was gremlin free and... Well, that idiot showed up whenever he wanted, not when I wanted. Not that I was against it, but this house was about to go from quiet to insane in about three... two...

The knock at the door was pointless, because immediately after the door was opened and in came Debo, Mikey, some chick that looked like she'd seen the bottom of a few beers already, some other chick that looked disgusted at the sight of the place, and a few other faces that I didn't even know that well. ''Chrrriiiisssssss, lemme introduce you to someone'' Debo leaned over the back of the couch, making sure to position himself right in between Christina and Donna. He slipped a little bottle between Christina's tits and I took it upon myself to see the bottom of my beer. ''Meet my pal Jim Beam, and-'' His entire head turned to Donna and he stared at her for what felt like fucking ten minutes, ''Wait a minute, who is this beautiful vision with coral hair?'' - Coral is pink you moron. I corrected before shoving the entire crust in my mouth.

''Pink, blue, green, what's it matter? She's fine.'' Shut the fuck up already, she's not interested in your lil smokey bro. ''Oh no way you got lil smokeys? I love those things man.'' Jesus this fucking guy was something else. My attention turned to some guy already scrolling through my ipod, and in a second flat he had music playing so loud the floor was vibrating.

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Donna Chambers
Boys? Logan probably thought that was a bad thing, but I got real restless real fast. I couldn't imagine Logan's friends not spicing things up. The girl that came in wasn't too bad, but Christina was hotter, even if she was kinda... basic personality wise. So far the guys just seemed... obnoxious, which was actually another word for fun if I was in the right mood. With any luck I could fuck with them all night. I finished the crust of my pizza, chuckling silently and rubbing my hands together to dust off the parmesan and garlic powder or whatever the fuck had been covering it.

Logan, you're a dude, you're not supposed to know colors and shit, I said, reaching behind me to pat the new dude on the head, but my head quickly made it's way to Christina's boobs and the beer. Shit like this going on, this night mind end up with a few of those "we don't talk about that" moments.

Finally, I stood up, excited already, thinking this was going to be the closest to a party I was going to get for a while. Aaww, just how little is this smokey we're talking about? Is it cute? Christina burst into a fit of laughter and finally pulled the beer from her cleavage cup and chugged it. There ya go, girl, that's better.

You laugh like you know, Chrissy, I said, quickly turning to face her and looking between her and Logan.

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