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 [Open] Burn, Bitch, Burn

[Open] Burn, Bitch, Burn

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[Open] Burn, Bitch, Burn

Li Riley |

Posted on Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:05 pm

Thread Details

LOCATION: A large mansion at the center of Owl Heights | WEATHER: Brisk. The sun is setting as the moon is rising, so it is getting a bit chilly. | TOD: Dusk. Stars are beginning to show in the sky.

OOC Message
Outfit. Lighter.

There's something beautiful about the way sparks fly at dusk.

I was surrounded by nothingness–nothing but a bunch of filthy rich nobodies doing who-knows-what in their overly-priced homes. It was disgusting, really. Just absolutely disgusting that they were so high up on Cloud 9 that they didn't even give a single damn about what was happening outside of their houses. It was always "I'm so successful and I totally deserve the money that I got from people doing shit for me and sheer luck, I should buy a huge useless mansion to house one person!" but never "Hm, look at all this cash I have nothing to do with, maybe I should donate it to the greater good!" Selfish. The filthy rich were just absolutely selfish, so I never even bothered to go near them.

But today, one of these pricks had gone too far.

I flickered the wheel of my lighter not-all-the-way, watching the sparks bounce out of it and fall to the paved, cobblestone driveway that I stood on. My other hand reached for the right side of my rib cage, holding the bruise that was left from a filthy rich Italian guy's kick to the side.

I didn't even do anything. I was jogging, pacing myself to The Lonely Island's "I Just Had Sex," and minding my own business. 
But I guess none of your business is your own when you step foot into this neighborhood and you're Chinese instead of blond-haired and blue-eyed.

Especially if you're agender.

He stepped his snake-skin shoe in front of my path and slowed me to a stop with his frivolous cane, poking it out at me as if it was his hand.

"Well, Well, what are YOU supposed to be?"

Typical gender-ignorant dick. My music wasn't extremely loud, but I pretended I couldn't hear him and stared.

"Excuse me, sir."

"Ohhooo, no! Excuse ME, Mr.... Mrs... I'm sorry, my mind just can't place you! You couldn't be a..."

Before I knew it he was grabbing at my chest and between my legs.
I aggressively threw his arm back and stepped away, my earbuds falling to my hip.


He chuckled, high on an heir of superiority and an ignorance of the middle and lower classes. "Oh my GOODNESS! You're a lady, is that right? You certainly don't look like one. Look at you, shaved hair, baggy clothing, an ugly, UGLY muscle tone, for a lady, my god, not classy, but your face--"

Before he could continue I threw a fist hard into his jaw.
He leaned up holding his defined check bones, straightening out his already-straight hair with a cocky grin on his face.
And before I could walk away he'd swung at me with that stupid cane.

"How DARE you lay a HAND on me you DIKE--" 
I'd fallen to the ground with a gash on the back of my neck, aching in pain. He swung at my back.
"Be a LADY, you are a LADY, you confused TRAMP--" He swung between my legs.
"Or otherwise RID YOURSELF from this PLANET--" He swung at my head, and my skull knocked hard to the ground. I could see was my blood, had to be...and his curses only stopped blaring into my foggy head when he swung a cold kick at my ribs.


And now I was here. At his house; the smell of gasoline in the air. I'd doused it all along his driveway, over his cars, his garage, and around every corner of this fucking estate. I slid my lighter back into my pocket and pulled out the matches. This was going to be artistic.

I'd dealt with this shit one too many times, and this? Oh ho, this, THIS was the end of it. Everyone would wonder why everything was lit a bright orange, and why their pretty, open skies were suddenly covered with smoke. 

I tossed a match down to the first trail after lighting it against the box. Oh, whoops, his gorgeous lawn was catching.
Another match. Wow, there went his expensive patio.
Soon his entire million-dollar exterior was ablaze, and I stood amidst it, my anger now burning outside of me. 
I pulled the lighter back out of my pocket. It was a symbol--the final blow. I wouldn't finish the flame without tossing in this rainbow-beauty!
I reeled my arm back and then chucked it, as hard as i could, through the rear windshield of his Mercedes. The car alarm started going off, and then was silenced by a dramatic explosion that began to ignite each of his other cars and, eventually, his garage.

I bit my lip, nodding my head in approval of my work, and walked a safe distance away from the explosions and flames wearing aviators--for irony, of course.

An appropriate song began to blare out of my earbuds.

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Re: [Open] Burn, Bitch, Burn

Hugo Abraham |

Posted on Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:16 pm

Last night was absolutely amazing like always. I spent the night at Levi's. Something about girls with lilac hair and an ass just got to me. I wished more wolves around here would do their shit like that. But anyways, we spent the night playing GTA and talking. I wasn't even mad when she didn't want to do it--turns out she got herself a boyfriend. I was bummed at first, because that meant I wouldn't be getting any, but then again... She was human. I didn't want to be her boyfriend in the first place. She really liked the guy. He took her out and shit. That was more than me. Before this dude, I would bring her food and after the food was gone, so would be our clothes.

So I was driving home, trying to come up with an excuse to tell my mom. She was probably up, but not worried about me. However, when I walked through that door, I knew she'd probably just come at me, yelling and shit, telling me I'm a disgrace. I dunno why she still allowed me to live with her. I was older than eighteen. Technically I was an adult now. I thought about moving up to Seattle but that was too far from the pack, at least for me. And then I didn't want to live like my dad did all those years ago. He moved and then became a cop. I still was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Maybe I'll start caring when I turn 20...

I decided to take the long way around town and 'sightseeing'. I turned down the road that led to the mansions and big old houses. When I was younger I wanted to live in one of these houses. Make money off of my archery career. Wolves didn't live up there when I was growing up. My grandma called it a terrible part of town, plagued by evil. I know take it as capitalism evil or all the whites around. It could be true. She never got a chance to explain it to me. I was staring at one house in particular. I loved the big, spacious windows in the front. I was too far away to see what was inside. If it were my house, I'd have a grand daddy piano in the big window. Or maybe a really nice oak wood table. Oh god, I wish I had money.

And then I saw the smoke. It was too early for the fire at the Den. And too far. That smoke was hella close. I slowed down my car, looking more suspicious, but something was on fire. I reached for my phone, debating if I should call the police or not. They knew me as a good kid, a cop's kid, so I had an upper hand. But I didn't want to talk to them unless shit actually was going down. Creeping around the corner, I saw the burning yard. Wonder what this guy did to cause a Waiting to Exhale moment. But then I felt the explosion. I  should have known that was going to happen. Levi's favorite thing to do in GTA was blowing up cars. I pressed on my acceleration hard and grabbed my phone. This was a three star offense at least. My wheels just turned, causing more smoke and adding more to the confusion. I was glad I didn't lurch forward. I had a sweet operator on the phone now, but there was also the source of the problem. Some tiny looking Asian guy. I could take him. I honked. Hello, 911. What's your emergency?

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Re: [Open] Burn, Bitch, Burn

Li Riley |

Posted on Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:27 pm

"JEEZas cHRIST--" I jumped back and nearly fell, accidentally yanking my earbuds out of my ears. My shoes skid on the concrete as I regained my balance and looked over my aviators at a--
Oh. He wasn't a super rich white guy. Go figure.
I was still mad tho.
I pushed my shades up on my head and threw my arms out to the side.

"What the FUCK dude, are you crazy?"

I only realized that I was probably the crazy one in the situation when I re-realized that there was a thousand-alarm fire behind me and I was complaining about a panicked driver. Huh, okay, touché guy-who-almost-hit-me. I was stilllllll mad tho.
But eh, whatever, the fire balanced out how I was feeling, so it was all good.

I took a breather and rolled my shoulders back before putting my hands in my jacket pockets. I was just gonna flip him the bird and walk off until I saw that he'd pulled out a cell phone. Shit, okay, no, no witnesses, this was NOT okay--
I quickly jogged around to the driver's seat window and knocked, panicked. 'Pretty sure my glasses fell back onto my face and I continuously pushed them up to my head about 6 times, but that wasn't important.

"Hey, dude, please, no, alright, DON'T call the police--" 
Well that was obvious.
"I-I mean we did this on PURpose--"
Even better!
Great job, Li! 

I was screwed. Getting caught was not a part of the plan. It just simply wasn't a part of the plan. And that's all I could say about that. My only hope was sweet talking this dude into not telling anything to the feds, although that'd leave the guy with hella blackmail. I ran my hand back through my hair and pushed my shades onto the back of my head, on accident, in the process.

"Okay, fuck, I will legit do whatever the hell you want, this was for a good reason, aight, I swear."

You know, maybe I was just fucking myself over and he didn't suspect me of anything. 'Guess it didn't matter now though. 
I was in deep shit.

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Re: [Open] Burn, Bitch, Burn

Hugo Abraham |

Posted on Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:10 pm

The voice that erupted from the person wasn't a dude like I thought. Was a female, maybe? Anyway, I was happy my car hadn't hit them. I didn't want this to seem like a murder or whatever. I was just driving around before heading home like what the hell.

Hi, this is Ob-Hugo Abraham and I'm at... Shit I don't.. I don't know the address, but the place! The driveway!

"Sir calm down..." The operator replied, trying to figure out where I was. I almost slipped up and called myself by my wolf name. I was so used to people calling me Obi instead of Hugo by now... Roxy and Levi were called me Hugo and a bunch of sweet names. But what did I call myself?

The lady, I'm guessing, came over to the driver's seat window and knocked. I rolled my window down, feeling lame. I didn't have power windows, so rolling the lever down I looked up at the obvious suspect. She was tiny. Wondered what happened to make such a tiny person angry... Anyways, she was rambling on about how she'd do anything as long as the police wouldn't get involved.

You did this? I asked, playing dumb. I wasn't stupid. Only the guilty act paranoid. Plus I wasn't getting any lying vibes from her.

I wanted to leave her, honestly. I didn't need to help a three star criminal get away from the cops. From my phone, an alert voice started calling out, "Hugo! Hugo! Are you still there? The police have detected your location and will be there shortly." Shit. I flung my phone on the floor, wondering if she heard. Up close though, she didn't look so feminine, mostly beat up. Wonder if that was why she or he or they did this to this person's house. Looked like they needed to see a doctor. Or ice their head before it knotted up.

My train of thought was interrupted by an odd high pitched yell. It was coming from the house. "You dyykkkkeee!" That wasn't meant for me. I cut my hair so that wouldn't happen much anymore. Looks like you gotta get out of here. I said quietly, pressing the unlock button.

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Re: [Open] Burn, Bitch, Burn

Li Riley |

Posted on Fri Mar 06, 2015 4:18 am

I quirked one eyebrow when the guy threw his phone down, my jaw slightly ajar. Shaking it off, I blinked twice and shook my head.

"Listen, I--"

Whatever shit was about to come out of my mouth was cut short by Mr. Homophobe stepping onto his porch and trying to fan out the flames. He screamed out another one of his ignorant slurs as if that was going to help the situation. But the stranger who'd, surprisingly, actually not started blabbing to the fuzz, was helping. The sound of the car doors unlocking as he offered me a way out of here made my whole fucking day. I smiled, relieved, then jumped slightly and turned around, flipping two birds at the prick who had started running for his over-priced garden hose.


Then, laughing a bit, I ran around the front of the car and got into the passenger side.

"Fuck, thanks so much, haha--ok, go go go!!" I tried to catch my breath, leaning back and closing my eyes with an open-mouthed grin. After getting adjusted, I noticed that I was so far down and back in this seat that I looked like a 12-year old without their booster seat. I adjusted the seat just a little (not that it helped much, people like me were made for Minis and Beetles) then looked to my hero. 

"Thanks so much, really. That guy was an asshole... 'Beat me within an inch of my life." I chuckled and shook my head,  pointing to my bruised cheek. "Still got my face though!" I placed a hand on my rib cage as I adjusted my posture.
"I'm Li. You?"

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