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 A Rather Curious Experiment [Open-1] [House 319]

A Rather Curious Experiment [Open-1] [House 319]

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Shadow Manor (House 319) | Chilly, but calm | 5:00pm

It was a dark and dreary night.. Well, not THAT dreary, it was more relaxing honestly. The low hum of the radio buzzing away about the most unique news (Lions, Tigers and Vamipre sightings, oh my!) and the occasional christmas song to brighten the mood. Yes, today was the perfect day to conduct my new social experiment. I had my hopes that a subject, any subject, would have arrived by now. Did I not put out enough flyers? Would the payment of $200 not be enticing enough? Well, perhaps not to those in my neighbourhood, but that's why I extended the reach of my paper route towards the more... Ahem, more unfortunate districts.

Perhaps my mistake was in how I put them up; I was never a fan of staples, or tape, not even pins put justice in their placement. No, I had to make sure they were really stuck. So I plastered just about every telephone pole, bush, fence (and even a basketball hoop) with a thick industrial paste before slapping my special advertisement on them; bearing my award-winning smile and an offer I'm sure few could refuse. Yes, I'm quite sure that the officials at town hall will whine about property damage, but this experiment was about something so integral to the human psyche that minor matters of material goods were naught. Tonight I would find out about this "Christmas Spirit" that everyone was so talkative about. 

Thats all the radio could seem to spout about these days, songs about Santa and snow... And it isnt even snowing yet! But I didnt have a moment to lose, people were already giving me dirty looks today when I was out and about. Whatever this christmas spirit was, I had to have it; there was no other option. Alas, all I could do was wait and pace about in my socks (I had lost my shoes in an earlier incident and I didnt quite feel like digging out a new pair of shoes from my walk-in closet).

To give myself peace of mind, I flopped down in my favourite armchair; the leather whining slightly from it's friction against my suit. A gloved finger of mine cut the radio off with a flick of my finger and I closed my eyes, projecting my thoughts outwards. I'm no psychic or anything, but it's reassuring to remember the details of my sweet little home. The white siding, topped with a black roof and a metal chimney. Spots of green brushery peeking out from between the house and the curious U-Shaped pavement, connecting to the street at the ends. Within the U, you (or u?) could find a peaceful little garden; soon to be smothered by the chilly embrace of winter snow, but for now sported several plant variants. Berry bushes, fruit trees, even a nice tall evergreen growing in the center. I kept it all as more of a hobby than actual sustenance, but I still made sure it was all accessible by an inlaid cobblestone path.

I would have to remember to dress up the tree later on, as advised by the christmas specials that I had watched as part of my initial research into the phenomenon; but I had time to wait. I wondered if anyone would come so late at night, but I had to keep hope. As they say, tis the christmas spirit.

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Why am I just now noticing this thread >_< I wish I could've joined sooner :/

William Shadow
hey there! ill admit youre perhaps the most charming man i've encountered in a while :3 who could resist giving you a call?? seriously???? pleas respond back. it would be nice to hear from you again <3


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