Index was once a small and close-knit community, but the town located on the western side of Washington state has grown in recent years beyond anyone's expectations. It is the ideal place for those who work in Seattle but can't afford the city's high real estate prices, and for others the natural beauty attracts them to the town. And Index truly is a beautiful place - surrounded by thick evergreen trees, tall mountains and glistening rivers and lakes. While weather is typically rainy with overcast skies even this does nothing to take away from the beauty of the town, and it is only highlighted further when the heavy snow graces the town and caps the mountains in winter. To many, Index would seem like a paradise. And yet lurking beneath this visual beauty there is more to this town than anyone might ever imagine...

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 About Uncommon Grounds Coffee Shop

About Uncommon Grounds Coffee Shop

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About Uncommon Grounds Coffee Shop

Evie | Out of Character Account; Administrator

Posted on Sat Nov 29, 2014 12:02 pm

Uncommon Grounds is a private and very popular coffee shop. The interior is warm and friendly and so are the employees - most of the time! As well as selling a variety of coffee and such drinks, Uncommon grounds also offers locally sourced cakes, cookies and confectionery and has free Wi-Fi. The main coffee shop is open during the day and evening, however they often have local talent evenings - either booked performances or open mic nights - that run on into the night.

Mary Ann - Mid 50's
Mary Ann is the founder and owner of Uncommon Grounds. She always knows what everyone's up to, no questions asked, though if you engage her in conversation too long she tends to forget what she was doing. She uses the words 'hon' or 'dear' a lot when referring to customers and remembers people's favourite beverages and orders, often knowing what they will order before they have said anything. Despite her love for gossip Mary Ann is a very caring woman with an easygoing, friendly nature and she is often involved in community activities, fundraisers or politics within the town, doing what she can to help. She is very much a large part of the Index community, not just Northbrook.

Sebastien - late 30s
After the substantial growth in Index and of Uncommon grounds, Sebastien joined Mary-Ann to help the business run smoothly. Sebastien is quiet and appears serious, with a very dry sense of humour if he does speak. He mainly deals with accounts and the monetary side of the business though the open mic nights or live music performances are his responsibility and he will personally oversee them. Sebastien is a medium who does have use of necromancy powers and belongs to the Coven of Mediums in Index, often arranging meetings in the back rooms of Uncommon Grounds.

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