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[Private] Reservations

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Re: [Private] Reservations

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Sun Nov 30, 2014 6:01 pm

I must have missed that part in the maker/progeny handbook. It almost... Made me angry. I didn't say anything but how I was feeling was written all over my face as I looked down to my hands. They were clasped on my lap but I wasn't really seeing them, I was lost in thought. The thing she didn't understand was I didn't want her to be my bodyguard. I didn't want to be saved. I didn't need to be saved. I had spent so much time away from her, and it wasn't like I was just the town over either, I was far away from my own maker for months at a time, and I was still here wasn't I? I was still standing, I was still safe, if anything I was even better than before. Noelle version two, I liked to call it. I was stronger. No one in the history of planet earth ever gained anything from being protected all of the time like some fragile porcelain doll on a shelf. Risks and independence were the only things that helped me grow.

So... We're going to make this work? I asked, hoping I was following her. I mean I wanted this to work, I wanted to have slip ups and learn from my mistakes without walking on egg shells every time I was around her or Ben. I wanted to learn from her and about her, so I could do the same for Ben and just because I wanted to. Right now I was starting to feel like I belonged a broken family, the kind that forces themselves to spend time with each other despite all of them hating it. It didn't feel like this at the river but if I knew anything about being what I was, it was you can never underestimate the power of time, and I didn't just mean long periods of it either.

In that moment I didn't feel suspicious of her, I felt like she was being honest with me. To be completely honest myself, I didn't really think Gayle hid a lot from me intentionally, it was just my own insecurities that made me question her. But maybe she really meant it, maybe she wanted to make this work and wasn't plotting my punishment twenty-four-seven. I mean I had to look at this realistically, I wouldn't have to assume punishment if I hadn't spent nearly my entire life as vampire fucking up. It was my own fault.

I looked to Ben, What do you think? I was trying not to smile but I couldn't help it.

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Re: [Private] Reservations

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Sat Dec 06, 2014 5:19 pm

If any of this were up to me, Noelle and I would have stayed in the house and smashed a few more walls. We would not be here if it had been up to me. Maybe I didn’t want to stay in Index forever, but this… this arrangement with the three of us… I wasn’t sure how it could feel anything other than awkward. Like rich people who pretended to like each other because they need something from each other, and then go home and all the real feelings would pour out.

”So, is this a whim? Something you strongly suggest? Something you want to happen and if it doesn’t you’ll make my life miserable?” I was being stand-offish, and maybe I was being selfish. Gayle had money, she did make that clear. I had no idea what she actually wanted from us. I still felt like there was something unspoken. And Noelle… Would I have cared normally? That she seemed to care so much for Gayle and what she wanted. I wouldn’t say it felt… fake. No, it wasn’t that. I saw the audacity in what Gayle was asking, or at least the potential of what she was asking. She wanted us to completely uproot our lives to be her twisted family. Noelle seemed to agree, the happiness of the idea washed over her. I was almost ready to stand up and walk out - until Noelle looked at me. It had to be almost the same thing. Whatever would make her happy, would it be that much of a sacrifice?

My eyes were wide, my lips slightly parted as I looked at her, and tried to read anything I could from her, was this what she wanted, and then it returned: anger. I was never supposed to be owned by someone like this. No one consumed my mind like this. When I have her this will fade, right? Could that be it? Was I just goddamn frustrated? Was she the symbol? Something I could touch but never grasp? That was it. I just had to fuck her.

”Does he know, Noelle? I mean.. about the bond. Bless, he tries so hard to be a little toughie, doesn’t he?”

No, no, Noelle, we.. not with her.

”Oh, I’ll grow on you, silly. You just have so much to learn.”

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