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 [Private] Reservations

[Private] Reservations

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[Private] Reservations

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Fri Nov 14, 2014 7:46 pm

Gayle's outfit

I stood still, my phone in hand as the SUV pulled into the circle, knowing neither of the two vampires in the front seats could see me. I could smell the blood and the worry. Silly, I would have expected them to look for dinner here in town, rather than think they could make it all the way here with the aroma just trapped in that little box they were driving. Youth was their only excuse, and it wasn’t one that could be helped, but I could certainly make sure a lesson was learned with every mistake. I hadn’t been the greatest parent, and any faults I had to deal with were simply reaping what I’d sewn, including this Benjamin.

I appeared by the valet and quickly shoved him out of the way. I’ll get this, Albert. Run along. There hadn’t been many times I’d done this or said that, but when I had, the valets had known that it meant anything that would happen next they weren’t privy to see. He nodded and paced back to the building. I opened the driver’s side door and made a dramatic point to peak in the backseat. I could see (and smell) the dead bodies behind the back seats, and the couple paralyzed with fear behind my Noelle. I could tell their bellies were full of the sub-par steak from the Bistro nearby.

Aw, I cocked my head to the side like a curious owl, you two spoiled your dinner. I began swiping through my address book with my right hand as I pulled the back driver’s side door open with the other.

”Miss, please h-”

Out, I commanded. I pulled the phone to my ear as I finally found the name I was looking for.

Cleanup on aisle five, deary. Front grounds, they’re in the car. I hung up and stepped back to where Noelle’s boy toy sat, speechless. I wasn’t only speaking with the dinner guests, you know. I glanced to Noelle and back to Ben, then began walking toward the building. Follow me. Benjamin, walk as if-

”Ben. It’s Ben.”

I’ll call you what I damn well please. Remember to walk like you belong here, walk as if your shirt isn’t covered in blood, and more than likely, no one will notice your shirt is covered in blood. We reached the elevators and after pressing the button, I finally stopped and turned to look at them. There was a palpable tension between my progeny and her own child.

Lovers’ quarrel already?

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Re: [Private] Reservations

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:03 pm

The drive was quiet (until we picked up our second meal), as I had hoped it would be. I didn't want to come off as some ridiculously dramatic girlfriend but the way I saw it as long as there was a lack of communication and comfort between the two of us, we would never be truly happy. I mean I was happy when I was around Gayle for example, but it was the time when I was away from her when I wasn't. It shouldn't have been like that, we should have talked more so I could feel that security even when we were apart. I mean it was one hundred percent my fault that we had such bad communication with one another but, that didn't change the fact that it was in fact the cause of my misery when we weren't together.

Seeing her open the door was unexpected, and took me by surprise so much that I even gasped when I saw her face. It wasn't that I didn't expect to see her, I had just expected to be the one coming to her, not the other way around. I didn't at all respond to her comment, and what was happening now was exactly what I expected to happen. Her comment about us spoiling our dinner was incredibly cryptic as I knew it would be. I did not know if that was a comment of anger, or just meaningless words. Was she disappointed in me? Had she expected more? I couldn't even make eye contact with her, and without realizing it I hung my head low and stared at my feet. Maybe I was afraid the answers to my questions would be written on her face. Maybe I didn't want to know what she meant by what she was saying.

I quickly got out of the car, not wanting to make her wait and just anxious for time to move beyond this horrible experience. Ben! I whispered, but loudly as if I was shocked at what he was saying to her, which I was. It was spoken more like a plea for him to bite his tongue, but considering we had such poor communication already, I had to assume he wouldn't be quite as gifted at understanding my hidden meanings.

When we reached the elevator I was starting to feel even more anxious. I really, really, really didn't like elevators, especially considering the tension I was already feeling between myself and my company. I checked to make sure my hair was properly covering the stains on my shirt before leaning against the wall as the elevator began to move. My hand was firmly placed over my heart, and my other was gripping the bar beside me so hard my knuckles were white. I guess I wasn't that good at hiding my emotions around Gayle either...

No. I glared, and realized shortly after that my reply to her question came out sounding so much like a rude teenager taking to their mother. I moved my hand from my heart to my mouth for a moment out of shock at my own tone, and to show I didn't mean for it to come out that way. I mean, no, we're... Are we almost to our floor? I really don't like elevators... I had changed the subject but it wasn't just because it was one I didn't want to talk about. It was also because I really, really hated elevators...

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Re: [Private] Reservations

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:40 pm

The part of me that had been completely brainwashed by pop culture felt like I was being taken to the villain's headquarters, and more than likely taken as prisoner.  How was it any different?  Gayle was this powerful person yet I had no idea how or why she had this power, and what she said went.  No one argued with her.  No one questioned her.  And we followed her as if we had guns pointed to our backs.  Well, our make-shift dinner might have been in a worse predicament than Noelle and myself.  Might.  But really, I almost couldn't keep from laughing about it.  Wasn't this some sort of troupe?  Either way, if Gayle was wanting this to be a "family" dinner, she wasn't going out of her way to make it feel like one.  

As we stepped into the elevator, I really began to regret correcting her with my name.  Not because of her attitude, no, I wasn't afraid of her.  I wasn't afraid of her giving me any kind of final death.  I really should be dead.  Any time after drowning in the river was basically an encore.  I only regretted it the minute Noelle called me Ben.  It sounded so wrong to me.  And yet it sounded wrong for anyone else to call me Benjamin.  That was a privilege I had only wanted to give to her, as silly as it sounded, but I didn't want her to know.  It would just be... silly then.  Now how would I explain to her... fuck.  

I tried so hard to like this woman, but I couldn't see her as more than an aristocrat on a power trip.  I resented that Noelle was so attached to her, but I found that I continued to bite my tongue as she had pleaded when I corrected Gayle.  

This was strange and sad and fascinating to me.  How did a fear like this remain?  How could one of us be afraid of an elevator?  I did think it was silly, but I still wanted to go to her.  I stopped myself, because I figured what she needed was space.  I glanced at the quickly changing numbers on the display.  It was moving fast; a good thing but probably not for her to see, so I made a point to move to a point away and speak to her.  Tell me about the first white horse you ever did see.  Gayle cackled into a fit of laugher.  It sounded fucking crazy, I know, but it was something I did in the ER when my patients where having panic attacks.  Most of the time it worked brilliantly.

You're kidding me! Gayle said more to me than Noelle.  Luckily, the doors opened and we stepped out into a common area - but nicer than any I had seen.  We had to be near the top floor or at least close, because one of the walls was nothing but tinted floor to ceiling window.  Not so tinted that I couldn't see the lights of the city.  Some of the inside walls were a mod style block wood paneling, some were white colored bricks.  The floor was magnificently plush white carpet.  She apparently didn't do any feeding in this room, because it was pristine.  There were a few people, one I recognized as being the CEO of Index General Hospital, sitting on the gray couch in the seating area.  I quickly turned my head away so as not to be recognized.  

Gayle continued to lead the group to a door, averting her gaze as if she was also avoiding the group of socialites.  It was a strange sight, and the most random thought popped in my head: she has a reason to keep from eating them.  The door to what I was realizing was her condo had a heavy security system.  It scanned her retina, before the door slid open quickly without any more action on her part.  I followed her through after Noelle, noting as I did another barely noticeable device with a red blinking light.  Maybe it was part of a completely different security system, because nothing about it matched the retina scanner.  Woman had enemies, and honestly I didn't blame them.

The door closed behind our small posse and she stepped down into the sunken in seating area.  She relaxed into a modern looking arm chair, and gestured for us to take seats on the couch. 

"You two," She said to the two we had picked up earlier from the restaurant, who had remained silent as I had commanded earlier, "Last bedroom down the hallway.  You will wait there."  She had barely needed to make eye contact, and I watched them almost robotically walk away as I took a seat on the sofa.  

"Ben... you'll have to forgive me.  I thought I had lost Noelle, but now here she is, and here you are.  It's just a little bit of a shock."

So you... I rubbed my temple, Wait... Why?  Did she need your approval to turn me?

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Re: [Private] Reservations

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:14 pm

I didn't have some deep issue with elevators. There was no elaborate story of me being stuck in one during nine-eleven. There was no dramatic scene like in the movie Speed. I was afraid of heights and small spaces but even those were fears that were fading. I even slightly enjoyed the funny feeling in my stomach when riding in one, and the odd new car smell they usually had. I didn't even have a severely tragic memory from being in one. They just reminded me of someone I hated. That was it. Nothing else to it, they weren't memories that I had any desire to let surface. Again they weren't traumatic memories, they were just... memories of someone I really didn't like. End of story.

I looked to Ben and wanted to smile at him but couldn't conjure one. I wasn't mad at him anymore, I couldn't be, not with everything going on around me, but I was just... I didn't like that feeling earlier. The one he had caused to happen. The one that made me question so much and feel like that small and weak person I was before. Yeah, maybe I was still a little bit irritated because it could have been a feeling that didn't last as long if he would have just talked to me but he didn't. Something told me he wouldn't either. Was this how Gayle felt when I had avoided telling her everything that was going on with me?

I stepped from the elevator after checking to make sure my hair was covering the stains on my shirt and just mindlessly followed. This time I was holding my head high. I was growing bored of letting Gayle and Ben just mentally turn my emotions into this roller coaster. Maybe I wasn't growing bored of it, maybe I was just getting closer to losing my lunch over it. It was exhausting. This was not how it should be.

I desperately wanted to sit at the opposite end of the sofa as far away from Ben as possible so he would get the message but I had tortured him enough. I had to remember he was probably uncomfortable here. I wasn't exactly comfortable either, not with Gayle feeling so distant, but my feeling of security was probably a lot higher than his, so I sat beside him. That's not... That's not what she means Ben. I said calmly. Things are just, more complicated than we may have let on. I took in a deep breath and looked to Gayle. I wanted to tell him that before I turned him I hadn't seen my maker in months. I wanted to tell him all of the details too and use the opportunity to tell her but it didn't feel right.

Without going into detail I looked to Gayle and opened my mouth. And you're here too... It may have been stupid of me to do Gayle... But you're here too.

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Re: [Private] Reservations

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:10 pm

Even with this gathering being unnecessarily tense, I was beginning to feel a joy I hadn't felt in a long time.  Not since I'd first turned Noelle.  I had hoped it wasn't because I was being naive but more because I could see that things were going to be better for this.  They were both afraid of me.  I did enjoy being feared, but it was certainly beyond time to share that joy.  I wanted to be a part of something more than me, and when I was finally able to create my gift to my kind, I wanted a family with which to share the joys and benefits.  It was about damned time I had someone on my side. 

I had started to talk to my child, to tell her my plans and my happy thoughts of us in the future, I wanted to let them both know that they had no reason to be afraid of me, but her words stopped me.  She was right, she was very, very right and already that had been a time that I had tried to lock away.  I am supposed to be the one to save you.  Not the other way around.  I spoke quietly, but with a smile.  And perhaps that's exactly why I wanted you both here.  If nothing else, I am honest, even in revealing my own flaws.  I sat up, and while from the moment they had arrived to reaching my home, I had held the perfect demeanor of someone who could never be crossed.  For the most part that was true.  I was old, I was strong, and mostly invincible.  I wanted them to see that - because I wanted them to know that's who they had on their side.  But Noelle had with one statement reminded me just how fragile I could be.  Basically, more lightly put, she had ruined my sales pitch.  

I wanted you both to see what I have.  I'm not showing you because I want you to see what I can use against you, I hope you both understand that, I made sure to look at the youngest, when I said this.  I want a family.

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