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[Private] Insert Coin(s)

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Re: [Private] Insert Coin(s)

Adrian Lincoln |

Posted on Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:04 pm

Sounds like you've thought about it a lot. I could understand that, there was plenty of things that I'd obsessively thought about over the years and it would surprise if someone could honestly say they'd never done the same. Everyone thought about the state of the world sometimes, right? I do agree though, but I guess that all you do it not be one of those people yourself - which you already seem to have down. I smiled at her, trying not to look too impressed by what she'd said. It was pretty philosophical and a little unexpected. And it was crazy to see the contrast between her being serious and deep then coming across as just carefree and flirty. I like my plan better, too. I said smugly, like I'd gotten a little go boost from her opinion of me. So is that a yes? Sure it might be forward to basically ask her out like that, but she'd said she liked no bullshit. That and maybe the fact that I didn't want to get my hopes up too much without clarifying what she'd meant.

My brows rose in surprise at what she said that. Holy crap, I had a feeling that she was just making a point, but I seriously couldn't imagine anyone calling her ugly. Or annoying really, but I could understand people being dicks and saying that about someone just because they didn't fit into some kind of 'normal' ideal. I anyone's ever called you that then yeah, they were definitely jealous. Or blind. I can't really come up with anything else that would make sense. I joked, even though I was being totally serious. Caly was stunning, it wasn't something you could debate on. Plus I always figured being easily amused was better anyway, less chance of getting bored. But sorry, I'm trying here and I still can't see the benefit of being a tease. I grinned at her, hoping she'd come back with some kind of entertaining answer I wouldn't have thought about.

Maybe, it's not like I know you well enough to offer an opinion on that. But from first impressions I gotta say that you really seem way too chill or that. Plus being all 'uppity' like that sounds like a lot of hard work in comparison. Had she really been like that at one point? Christ, I really couldn't imagine that but I guessed that just went to show how much people could change. I knew that well enough from even seeing it in myself. Not to sound like an ass but it'd be faster to ask where I haven't been. I faked a nonchalant before giving up the act and smiling genuinely at her. Nah, I'm joking. But I have been a lot of places. All across the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. Africa and Asia. I haven't been to Russia yet but I want to go to Moscow and see all the crazy buildings. I figured giving the names of continents was easier than spending ages listed out all the countries. Plus if she was interested in any place in particular she could always ask. Actually some of that parents trouble came from doing all the traveling, ironic considering how many trips they brought me on when I was younger. I rolled my eyes, figuring you just had to expect hypocrisy from your parents. Don't be too envious, we fight too, I guess just not as much or as bad as actual siblings. I chuckled, thinking about him and his tendency to be a cheeky brat. And you're not stomping on anything. I talk about Theo a lot, especially since he came to stay with me.

Oh hell yeah, that was definitely a yes to the date anyway. I swallowed back a stupid grin in case I started looking like I was trying to impersonate a clown, but there was no way I could stop myself being pumped about it. I hadn't even thought about dating another girl since Amy. But now I was thinking exactly about that and realized I'd barely thought about her since I'd started talking to Caly, like the tables had totally turned. Maybe? Guess I'll just have to try harder to make up for your obvious lack of enthusiasm. I teased, privately thinking that when it came down to it maybe she'd end up being just as for it as I was.

I really hadn't thought much about the water outside of how clean it probably wasn't. Which was something I really regretted. Usually easing in would be second nature to me. Hell, it would be second nature to any guy, ingrained experience from years of protecting your jewels. But put a ridiculously hot and naked girl in front of them and you really could forgive such a terrible lapse in judgement.

It only took a couple of seconds for reality to hit and completely wipe out the cockiness I'd felt at getting in despite my doubts. The second that cold water hit I felt my breath being blown out like I'd been socked straight in the gut. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I was near enough to the edge of the water that I could lean against the wall. I barely heard her talk seeing as I was pretty damn distracted, but I did hear the downside she mention, just grunting in response while still trying to to pull myself together. Nope, definitely not gonna forget this. I managed.

Her swimming closer distracted me enough to look up at her, and then seeing her managed to draw my attention fully. Blonde hair slicked back and the tinted lights casting a wicked glow. Like some hot mermaid. The fact that the water didn't completely hide everything helped with the whole distraction thing to. Getting caught doesn't sound so great when you're probably too incapacitated to make a run for it. I laughed a little, relieved it didn't sound like a wheeze. Thankfully my body was adjusting. I lifted my arms, using them to tread the water and pushing away from the edge. Honestly I think I like focusing on the plus side the most. You being naked is at least not making me hate you or not warning me about the cold. I smirked so she'd know I was just kidding. If anything it was actually my bad for not thinking it through.

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Re: [Private] Insert Coin(s)

Calypso Bea Paxon | Human; Citizen

Posted on Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:59 am

I guess. I tried to play it off like I hadn't put much thought into it, but in the middle of my false suavity my face cracked into a half grin. But what about you Adrian? What kind of person are you? Label yourself for me, because if you don't label yourself, others will do it for you. I didn't exactly have him pinned yet. Literally or figuratively for that matter. Was he the easy going type? Could you cover his bedroom floor in a million cups of water and still see him wake up with a smile, and a chuckle after realizing what you had done? Was he the nice at first type that slowly but surely let their true meanness shine through after about a month or so of spending time with them? Maybe he wasn't nice at all and I had him completely wrong. Maybe everything he said was so convincing but really everything was just sarcastic.

It's a big capitol Y, E, S. I need all the excuses I can get to avoid unpacking my stuff. Which hasn't been unpacked for months. Which normally I wouldn't admit to but really, who likes unpacking shit? But yeah it'll be great fun. You seem wicked cool, and I feel wicked cool even if that isn't always the case. It didn't sound lazy when everyone could agree with it. Just like it didn't sound lazy for someone to not want to go to jury duty. No one likes jury duty, so it's not lazy if you don't wanna go, it's just common freakin' sense IMO.

Well something tells me when people call me ugly they aren't speaking about what's on the outside. I admitted and gave him a friendly pat on the side of his arm. Which probably came off as conceited while at the same time speaking bad about my character. Really I didn't mean for it to come of either way. But, crap. I'm sorry, I totally just ruined the compliment didn't I? I really was shit with compliments. I was horrible at giving them without adding some immature phrase or word in. Like ''Adrian I find you really fucking hot,'' and then I'll throw something like ''buddy'' at the end of it, or ''old chap''. Just the same I couldn't accept them very well. It wasn't that I didn't believe them, or believe the people speaking them, it was just awkward. It always reminded me of famous people who replied with ''I know'' after being told they did wonderful in their latest movie. Like augh, get over yourself. Thank you. I finally said, but this time I was really starting to feel embarrassed. Fuck.

The benefit is, I get to leave you hanging at the corner of ''She's being alluring, she'll probably slap me if I act on this.'' and ''She's being alluring, that means she most definitely wants to take things further.'', and then I get to watch you squirm. I joked with a laugh, but it was really quite serious. What other reason were women teases? They liked to see men squirm. It gave them a sense of control and desirability. It made them feel powerful and seductive, completely living up to medias expectations of them. Hey, it wasn't that bad, I had to admit I liked making a man squirm from time to time. It was just worse for me because a lot of the time I didn't do anything after. I'd tease and bail. When really I should have dangled the treat in front of them, then let them have it after they performed a neat trick for me. So sue me, I guess I was a bitch.

Well aren't you just sweet as shit? A bold face liar but definitely sweet as shit. I didn't seem chill, or maybe I did? I wouldn't know since I'd never met myself. I was always told I came off as high maintenance. Go figure. Either way I could always find light in someone kind enough to spare my feelings, which is what I assumed he was doing. Like you care so much about admitting to me that I'm a little nutso that you'd rather make me smile with a cute lil' lie? That's fucking admirable. Yanno, in the same sense it's fucking sweet when a husband can't admit to his wife that she does look fat in that. He can't even admit that she looks fat in pretty much everything. It's sweet, confidence gained through lies is still confidence baby.

Wow, that really does make you sound like an ass. I teased with a grin. Forget the other countries, been there, done that. I'm more intrigued by the places you've been in America. Miami? Hollywood? New York? What about the middle where it would appear nothing happens except the occasional tornado? I mean it can't be what it seems, stuff has to go on in the middle. Please, please, pleeeease tell me you've at least seen the largest ball of twine in Kansas. Foamhenge in Virginia? Hell, Disney Land or Disney World? I could have gone on and on. I mean it all probably seemed so trivial to some people but this stuff sounded like spring break to me. All my parents ever did was talk about how elegant this country was, or how rich in culture this other country was when in reality they just failed to see how elegant, culture rich, beautiful, and fascinating our own was. So what if we have things like the worlds largest ball of twine? It's ours, and honestly, it's cool as shit.

You had to suffer the family vaca too? You poor soul... Really, if I ever had kids I wouldn't force them to go away for the summer like ever. Unless they wanted to of course. But really what kid wants to leave for the summer when it's prime ''chillin' with mah homies'' time? Then you get back and realize your friends had all of these amazing adventures while you were off staring at some stone building that was apparently ''so cool'' because it was built like a hundred years ago. Now that I'm older I guess I could appreciate that stuff more, but as a kid, it's absolute torture. Oh, I meant I was envious of the fighting, not the lack thereof. The fact that you could even do anything to get your parents to show emotion is incredibly just, amazing to me. I smiled, which was probably a strange expression considering what I had said was kind of odd to begin with. But meh, it wasn't a big deal. Actually nevermind, I officially proclaim this land... I gestured around the room, No parental speak zone in the name of some King, first name probably Charles or something. Or does last name come first? Whatever, it's no parental speak zone in the name of a king somewhere. There. It's law. And if either you, or I break this law, there will be severe punishment in the form of something unpleasant and not at all sexual.

Don't be silly. I can't seem over eager, then I'll be labeled as needy or desperate. I have to ease you into accepting that I'm needy and desperate. Or, that's how the needy and desperate do it anyway. I wouldn't know to be completely honest. Nevermind I'm rambling, enthusiasm is there, I swear it.

Awwww, Adrian, you make it sound so miserable. It's not that bad, just wait for numbness, then you're on your way to the pure bliss of hypothermia and it's smooth sailing from there on out. I wasn't exactly sure what came first, numbness or? Actually, what were the symptoms of hypothermia anyway? Fuck it, my nipples could probably cut glass and here I was trying to educate myself on the symptoms of hypothermia without google to aid me. Being cold is good, it keeps you alert. Then if anyone tries to set foot on this land that apparently some king somewhere owns, we know to hide behind a boat before they see us. I laughed before slipping under the water again and popping up on the other side of him. Well, you'll just need some incentive then? All I need to know is one thing. Do you find yourself more inclined to run from something, or to something? That determines what your incentive is. Then you should have no problem running from the sixteen year old manning the cash register in the other room when he finds out we've been bad little arcadians. When I heard what he said next I realized I didn't need him to answer. He had just answered for me. Running to something it is. Using sex as incentive to run away from the law. This was beginning to feel like a movie I'd seen at some point... If only I could remember...

So what now Adrian? I'd say I've done my fair share of getting us into trouble, now it's your turn to figure out our next move, or your next move. It all really depends. I'd suggest a game of marko polo, but considering the acoustics of this place that might not be such a good idea.

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Re: [Private] Insert Coin(s)

Adrian Lincoln |

Posted on Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:53 pm

Me?I blinked for a second, thinking that this was probably the first time I'd ever been asked to actually label myself. Everyone got labelled, especially if they had a distinctive style. This was new though. That's like, a really loaded question Caly. I raised an arm and ran it through my hair, the movement making me think of how it looked and the comments I'd gotten for it in the past. I can tell you things I've been labelled by other people to start off. Punk is probably the most common one. Funnily enough it rhymes with the second most common one; skunk. And yes - I smirked, - it's because of the hair, not any other reasons I can see you imagining. All I needed was for her to jump to a conclusion like that and end up with a fart-related nickname. If I wasn't already too late for that. But my answer is really boring; I'm just me. I smirked then, leaning forward slightly. If you want a more in depth answer then I guess you'll just have to stick around and find out who I am yourself. I paused, thinking over the last thing she said. Oh, and I could care less if people label me, doesn't bother me or change my opinion of myself. I shrugged, not even worried about whether that had been corny because it was so totally true.

Unpacking? Oh, have you not been in Index long? I've only been here 'bout a year myself. I never meant to officially move here but... shit happens. Shit that I so didn't want to get into in I could help it. I've still got one of the phantom, forever not unpacked boxes everyone has when they move. Anytime I remember it I'm wither not at home or can't remember where I put it. But at least I had everything else unpacked. How mature and adult-y of me. So when are you available for this date-slash-using me to procrastinate your unpacking? I joked, pretending to be offended. Which I continued with when she spoke again and patted my arm. Using me and rejecting my nice words, you're just out to ruin my fun, huh? I gave a pretend huff and folded my arms across my chest until her 'thank you' had me looking back at her with a cheeky grin. I guess you're kinda welcome. I joked.

Woah, that was... Christ I wasn't sure if that was meant to be a joke or not. She sounded like she was joking but then again she was describing pretty much what she'd already been doing to me. That's how it felt anyway, like I wanted to react but I wasn't exactly sure why kind of reaction I was going to get from it. So you're telling me you'd actually get enjoyment out of doing that? It looks like I hit the jackpot and met a sadist. It's always the ridiculously hot ones, right? I laughed and shook my head, figured if that how she wanted to try play it then she was welcome to try. But I wouldn't be squirming or dangling after her. Hell, it would take a lot more than mind games to get me to that point. I smiled when she agreed with me, nodding seeing as I'd expected it. hey, saying it's a lie is your opinion and that cool, but that honestly is my impression of you. Hell, it might change the more you talk but hasn't happened yet. I teased. Yeah, I've been to see the ball of twine. They get really, really pissed if you try and take a piece so I recommend not doing that if you go. Been to Hollywood, even lived in California for a year. I'm from Maine, but grew up in Boston so they're tied for my top favourite spot. I went to Disney World a few times a kid. Never seen a tornado though, kinda bummed about it now that you've made me think about it. I grinned, totally at odds with what I had just said. But her reaction had been almost... innocent. Like an excited kid or something. It was pretty cute. Those Disney World trips were actually some of the family vaca's. My aunt and uncle would bring me along when they brought Theo and my other cousins. Probably felt bad for my only child status. I joked, not going into detail about how much I'd appreciated their efforts to include me.

Envious of the fighting? Hell, that made it sounds like- oh yeah, she even confirmed her. Obviously she didn't have the most loving parents. I hadn't either, the fighting had come from them only caring about me keeping up appearances, not shaming them by 'travelling like a gypsy and becoming a common mechanic'. My mother's exact words on the topic actually. I opened my mouth, not even sure what I was going to say but then I didn't even need to think on it because Caly was speaking again. Or rambling really. In that cute way that had me chuckling. I'm totally down with that being a new rule, or law I guess, if it's for King Whatshisface and all. - A non-sexual punishment? Talk about being cruel... I'm guessing that includes spanking, huh? I pursed my lips, frowning like I was genuinely disappointed about the fact. Darn it. I said with a cluck of disappointment before giving up and breaking into a grin. Yeah, somehow I think even if you were acting eager it would still be in a way that would go totally over my head. I was usually damn good with women, but Caly was an enigma through and though. Is it really sappy if I say I think it's cute when you start rambling? Yeah now that I've heard it out load it's definitely sappy.

Did you know that even when you're sympathetic you sound way too much like you're enjoying yourself. That's the sadist in you making an appearance again, right I managed a grin to let her know I was joking. Well, partly. I was becoming more convinced that she really was enjoying my pain. The numbness doesn't sound so bad, but the hypothermia... yeah I think I'm going to trying to avoid that really. Then again, at least it's not frostbite, vital parts falling off sounds so much worse. I joked, even though my own words still made me wince. I was still a dude after all and thinking about frostbite it place like that would induce a cringe in any guy. Probably a lot of chicks too.

Being cold was maybe fine when certain parts of your body didn't turn and hide from it. As in it was fine for her because nipples couldn't goddamn invert or anything. If any they got more obvious from it, which kinda blew by mind considering how a dude's body worked. Right, alert. Actually that's not a bad point and just for that I totally resent it. I laughed briefly, breaking of in a shiver. At least my teeth weren't chattering. Actually it's the security guard I saw by the entrace I was thinking about. The one time we do this and it happens to also be the one time that they don't have someone old and out of shape on duty. I shrugged, still managing to keep my eyes on her face even though there was a definite struggle involved in not looking down.

Wait, so this isn't enough trouble for you, no? I'm guessing you fall under the category of 'thrill-seeker' or something along those lines? I paused, an idea starting to form. If your bored I could turn on the ride. At least there'd be no worrying about falling in and getting soaked, right? - Or I do maybe have one idea... I swam back a couple of stroke, then forward again. Except I think I'd be the only one getting in trouble for it. My grin widened at my words and I moved my arm, preparing waiting for the perfect moment and then send a huge splash of water towards her, expression cheeky. That's revenge for my balls. Totally justified.

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Re: [Private] Insert Coin(s)

Calypso Bea Paxon | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:50 pm

Sorry this post is crap!

No the unicorn behind you. I laughed. Was it really a loaded question? I kinda liked to think it was like in high school. The preps ate with the preps, the jocks with the jocks, nerds with the nerds, etc... They were all labels, but they gave people a pretty darn good idea of who was compatible for friendship or not. Not that I'd turn down a friendship with him if he was some uptight business man or anything. But at least I'd have a pretty good idea of what kind of conversations I could really get into with him. Win. I added when he listed the first one, Double win, I laughed when he mentioned the next one. Though my mind went to oreos when I saw your hair, not a skunk. I could dip him in some milk and eat him up. Great answer, and I just might have to take you up on that offer. - And it shouldn't bother you, no label is bad unless you want it to be.

Oh? Where did you come from? A year wasn't that long, but it was definitely long enough to call a place home. Some people didn't, like they didn't want to admit to themselves that where they were living was going to be forever. Then bam, before they knew it they were like eighty sitting on the porch of the same house they claimed to hate so much because it was probably run down and chipping paint, but really they loved it. I had to wonder where he was from. To be honest, with his whole look I would have thought he was from the grunge scene in Seattle, it was just so fitting. And hot, yeah, definitely hot. That made me realize I had this sudden urge to mosh with him. So weird.

Oh I dunno. I'd rather not say, it keeps me on my toes if you surprise me. If you pick some random day and time in the week then I know it's because you were thinking about me, and you're not just fulfilling some obligation. Jobs give you a schedule, dating so shouldn't. Maybe I got a sick and twisted rush from the anticipation. Never knowing when or even if he's going to call. Maybe I liked that freedom to give him the same rush, leave him guessing, wondering, maybe even hoping that I'll call him up for that date. It was precisely why I wasn't going to just give him my phone number, I was going to expect his in return. Then we'd both have the freedom to act on our desires.

I gave him a playful nudge and rolled my eyes. I knew I was shit when it came to giving and receiving compliments, maybe that was something I needed to add onto my massive list of things I need or should do and improve on. Meh, I'd get to it at some point. Fuck. I blurted out, realizing just how accurately that word described me. Maybe I am? Though I wouldn't say all of me is, so if you can put up with like, I dunno, five percent sadist and ninety percent other stuff it shouldn't be a problem. I had a feeling he was half kidding and half not, but I was being completely honest. Unless of course you're a masochist by chance? Then I'd have to say that we've just come to face to face with destiny.

My eyes lit up when he started naming places, admitting that he'd seen the ball of twine and that he'd been to Disney world almost made those eyes of mine start welling up with tears of envy. Key word, almost. I held it back like champ though, but I couldn't hide my complete and utter expression of awe. Wow. Was it ridiculous that this practically made my panties wet? Probably. Not literally of course, if that was the case then I'd probably have myself committed. I wanna suck your dick so bad right now. - Not literally, don't get your hopes up. Sorry, the sexual references come pouring out of me when it comes to this stuff, because there's literally no other way for me to convey just how amazing this shit is to me. I wanted so badly to pick his brain, get as many details from him as possible about each place he'd visited but I didn't want to come off like a nutcase. That was more of like... A third date conversation or something.

Pffft, that depends on if spanking turns you on. If it does it's most definitely excluded from the list of punishments. What was he even trying to tell me? I didn't even waste my time trying to figure it out, my mind was too busy imagining some twisted scene of people being spanked as punishment thanks to him. It's sappy for sure dude, but much appreciated. I don't like feeling like I need to filter myself so it's good to know I don't have to. There I did it again, I couldn't just say thanks, I had to tell him he was a sap and then call him dude like we were bros or something. What the fuck was wrong with me?

I guess it's a good thing I have you to point it out for me when I'm doing it then. I teased right back. And yes, we wouldn't want that happening. Then my whole plan of being a tease would be pretty much useless, and I'd have to move onto my next victim. The poor guy, I mean I was lucky, my parts were freakin' inverted and quite toasty. Other than my nips, well, everything on the outside was quite frozen to be honest. I was getting adapting though. I laughed in the face of his resentment, and followed it with a smug grin. He couldn't break this pride, nope, no way.

Well I wouldn't worry about him, if he's straight something tells me I'd be able to change his mind. I am naked after all. If he's gay we're pretty straightened out too, all he'd have to do is take one look at you and you'd just have to return that look with some mild flirting and we'd be good to go. I laughed. And yeah I am, but so are you Adrian. I'm not the only one swimming in this water without a swimsuit. There was totally nothing wrong with being a thrill seeker. Who didn't like to be thrilled?! That was an entire subject I could have mentally rambled on about if it wasn't for the large gush of water coming straight for my face.

A smile formed on my face and jaw dropped as I pushed my hair back and wiped my face, carefully avoiding my eyes. My mouth finally closed and I looked at him with narrowed eyes. I prepared myself, mentally transforming myself into the all might Calypso, hoping I could channel some of that sea goddess vibe into my splash and somehow magically overdo his. It wasn't likely, the dude was built like an ox compared to me and my weak arms. It was in that moment when my phone started to chime. Oh you lucky son of a gun. I said with a laugh. Don't think for a second this is over, payback is comin' brudda.

I kept my eyes narrowed on him as I swam by, but my smile was plastered there, I couldn't make it go away. When I neared the edge of the pool it hit me that I wouldn't be able to cover my naughty parts and get out at the same time. I mean I could have let it go to voice mail but the music was loud and most likely drawing attention to any employees that may have been lurkin' on the other side of the door. I hate to be that guy, but I so have to mute this. It's so loud. So like... Turn around and close your eyes.

I pulled myself out of the water and rushed to my bag where I pulled out my phone and silenced the call. It was in that moment as I gazed upon our clothes scattered along the edge of the pool when an incredibly evil idea began to take shape in my mind. Maybe a playful splash wasn't deserving of something so incredibly cruel, but I couldn't let that slide, and I most definitely couldn't pass up the opportunity. I mean how many opportunities like this would I get in my life? What if this was the only one? I couldn't let myself live with regret like that, it'd almost be a disservice against my being to pass this up. So I had to do it, I absolutely had to. There was no choice in the matter.

I reached for his pants and pulled out his phone. Stay turned around, I'm putting my number in your phone while I'm out here so I don't forget. And I just might be taking a pic to go with it. I lied, there was no way he was gonna get nudies of me. I did punch in my number, and after I was done I placed his phone into one of his shoes then scrambled for my clothes. I slipped on my top as fast as humanly possible which meant it was backwards but I didn't give a crap, then I slipped on my skirt which was crooked but whatever, and grabbed the rest of my stuff including my shoes and his clothes. Tell me Adrian, how fast can you swim? I said as I backed up towards the exit, which wasn't the door we came in from but this one lead directly outside. I quickly turned around and ran as fast as I could towards the door without even looking behind me. Hey, at least I was kind enough to leave him his shoes and phone so he could call for help right?

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Re: [Private] Insert Coin(s)

Adrian Lincoln |

Posted on Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:52 am

Pfft what are you even talking about? It's so not xD (oh and I'm just gonna take my reply from the line break since it's an outpost, hope that's cool)

It would probably be an even better thing if you could learn to notice it yourself, train the sadistic tendencies out maybe? I joked, not really all that sure it would be such a good thing if she did end up doing that. I may not have known much about her, but I did know she was fun. Crazy probably, but fun too. Sorry to burst your bubble but I think you not being able to tease me would be the least of my worries in that situation. Even if I'm sure you're quite skilled at it. Yeah, obviously my returning ability to be just as much of a smart-ass as she was meant that I was definitely getting more used to the water. I felt my lips lift in a slightly unwilling grin at the sight of her own, very smug one. Damn but she looked cute doing that.

I laughed at what she said next, really couldn't help it. Does everything you say somehow link back to sex? I mean, jeez not like I was complaining for anything. Okay so maybe finding out that her - 'I want to suck your dick' actually meant 'that's cool bro' - was a bit of a bummer, but I wasn't about to get hung up on it. Plus it was cool that she basically reminded me she was naked, in case I could somehow manage to forget that. My eyes flicked downwards again and I was totally blaming that on her mentioning it. So what if that guy is like, I don't know, asexual or something? The neither of us flirting would make any difference. Why was I even getting caught up in her line of thought on this, flirting wouldn't make a difference no matter which way he swung. Never said I wasn't a thrill seeker, Caly. I grinned at her, a grin that ended up with a slight evil edge to it.

Damn if that wasn't satisfying. My grin widened at her expression, feeling just ridiculously great about myself at that point. Yeah, so splashing a hot girl while it water wasn't exactly a feat to feel accomplished for or anything, but it was still funny. Plus, it was revenge she'd totally deserve. Not that I thought that meant she wouldn't try and get my back. When her phone rang I actually felt disappointed, knowing that I wouldn't get to find out whatever had been brimming about behind her eyes. Payback? Please, I was the one paying you back. Technically we're even.

Not that I thought pointing it out would make any difference, but what the hell, at least I tried. I watched her swim past, brow arching quizzically when she asked me to turn around. Woah, so there's actually a sense of modesty buried in there somewhere? I asked, turning around anyway even as the words left my mouth. I didn't mind though, especially considering that it was actually nice to know she could be, well, not shy but not not shy either. The urge to peak was strong though. I mean, Christ I was a good guy but I was still a guy with a dick. Don't peak. No, don't peak. Shit, I peaked. She'd been in the process of running over to her phone so I hadn't really see anything. Well I'd seen her backside, and now that I had I in no way regretted it. Cute butt too, I thought with a grin. Still, I rolled my eyes when she spoke again. Do you think every guy is some nudes obsessed perv or am I just the lucky one? I'm happy with just the number. Call me old fashioned but I definitely liked seeing that stuff in person way more. Nudes were like great after you'd already see it, like as a reminder to get you worked up at... Jesus I needed to get some kind of hold on my thoughts- wait, what the hell had she just said?

My head whipped around, body following as I caught sight of her, my clothes in her arms and her back away to the door. I definitely couldn't swim that fast. Still, that fact wasn't about to stop me from trying. I dived toward the edge of the water, pulling myself up and making it halfway to the door before I realized how pointless it was. Holy- she'd actually just done that. An incredulous laugh burst from my lips at I looked at the door, shaking my head and just- wow. I spotted my shoes, grabbing my phone out of them and then holding them over my crotch to cover myself. I dialed, raising the phone to my ear and trying to wrap my head around what had just happened. Finally the other end clicked in answer. Hey, Theo? Dyou still have a change of clothes in your gym bag? Yeah, great. Look I need to ask a favor...

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