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[Private] Insert Coin(s)

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Re: [Private] Insert Coin(s)

Calypso Bea Paxon | Human; Citizen

Posted on Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:39 pm

Well holy coincidence Adrian, I have a knack for not being one of them. Shit dude, we have so much in common. I joked, but really, I felt like we did. There was just this chill vibe between us. It was relaxed with a pinch of doubt, which was good. It meant that I wanted to impress him. If you want to impress your friends, boyfriend, family, etcetera, then you admire them in some way. That was my philosophy anyway. We should put that superpower to the test sometime. We could head to the mall and pick out the twats from the non twats. I nudged him and smiled with a silly wiggle of my brows.

I rubbed my arm and played off that whole, ''blushy shy girl that has just been complimented by hot dude'' act. It was kinda sincere, kinda not. It made me feel a little blushy, but it also made me feel like a total badass. They were two completely conflicting feelings, and I welcomed the topic change because I probably looked like I was trying to figure out some intense calculus problem in my head with how confused I was over that whole... thing... Good point, the mystery is the fun part. Or the game as some would call it.

Oh you poor baby they didn't even give you a chance to decide on your own which gender to hate more. I totally wasn't joking. Every woman has claimed to hate men, and every man has claimed to hate women at some point in their life. Usually it's after a bad breakup but damn, at least they had the freedom to decide their opinion on their own without strippers and man hating seminars. Then again I bet he really did like the stripper even if it was a gift from daddy. That's like every puberty inflicted boys dream right? Your life sounds so insanely interesting, no lie. I mean this in the best possible way, but they could totally make a sitcom out of that shit. I mean what better way to benefit off of your childhood misery? Good god I hoped he would realize what I was saying was actually genuine and not a sarcastic attack.

Good to know, I mean we're just friends so I don't see the importance of it all but definitely good to know. I joked. Obviously I was joking, I was the one who kinda started this whole flirt thing to begin with by eyeing his goods in the ticket line. Whoa, what a great song lyric would that be? ''On the day we met I was eyeing his goods in the ticket liiiine''. Sounded right, if only I could play instruments or whatever, that'd be brilliant. Oh there's a catch, if that's what you mean. There's definitely a catch. But wouldn't you just rather just focus on all of those beautiful compliments you just gave me instead? They sound so nice together without having to elaborate on the doomy catch. Plus yanno, mystery, gotta remember, mystery is the fun part. I gave him a wink.

I nodded at him and jokingly rubbed at my chin as if I was deeply pondering what he was saying. Mmm, good point but there's just one flaw. What would I care if teenagers used this place to makeout when I brought you here for the very same reason? There's nothing more exciting than being immature and making out in a forbidden location with a hot stranger right? We can have coffee anytime but... When was the last time you threw your arms in the air and excitedly and honestly announced that you did something so random... Such as making out in a forbidden location with a hot stranger? I dunno about you but, I like to live life on the edge. How completely stupid was that? Yet at the same time it wasn't. I didn't really bring him here to makeout, not that I'd object to the act. It would be a great incident to put in the blog to be completely honest. My last makeout buddy wanted more from me anyway and I had to fire her from her position. There was friends with benefits, and there was makeout buddies. Two completely different things, why was it so hard to understand?

Mechanical engineering? Now why the fuck did that sound so hot? To be fair, he could have said he was a paleontologist and it'd still probably loosen the elastic on my panties. A master at a machine covered in strange and unidentified controls, yet you've had problems talking to girls in the past. I know what your problem was Adrian, you were viewing them as people instead of relating them to stuff you actually understand, machines. If only we knew eachother then so I could have told you, you would have had all the ladies. I smirked as I started kicking off my shoes.

I pulled off my pack and set it beside my shoes and started removing my jewelry to place it into my bag, and then I removed my top. So are we doing this or what? Yeah maybe I lead him to believe I wanted to go on the bumper boats. But now that I was on such a rule breaking roll, I wanted to push it a little bit further. Why did the fear of getting caught skinny dipping make me so dang excited?

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Re: [Private] Insert Coin(s)

Adrian Lincoln |

Posted on Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:49 pm

My reaction to her words was a heartfelt laugh, short but full of amusement. Hey, kinda like her actually now that I thought about it. She really was great company, there was no denying that. Would definitely have no problems keeping a guy on his toes. Yeah, you so don't give off the man-hating vibe, I'm guessing you hate everyone in equal measure? Like the ones who deserve it anyway. Jeez, she seemed so cool and down-to-earth it was hard to imagine her angry or hating anyone really, but no one was happy all the time. Not really. Yeah, we could do that... even though I'm not exactly seeing the benefit of identifying those twats. What, you plan on having us throw things at them? I joked, trying to to just jump at the chance of hanging out with her again. I mean, obviously I wanted to and all, but I'd already acted stupid enough without acting overeager too.

Holy crap, did this chick even know what kinda reaction she caused in guys? I was starting to think she kinda knew, but not how much of one. I didn't personally know any guy who wouldn't feel kinda tongue-tied and tripped up around Caly like I was. Hell, Theo wouldn't last two seconds talking to her but then again he was just awkward as shit around women unless he found a common ground with them. I dunno, personally not for me. I like the part where people get comfortable with each other. All the build up and stuff like that is great, but it's so not what I'd consider the fun part. Okay, so maybe my grin was more suggestive than I might have intended it to be, but I didn't really care right then. This was fun, and damn, I was enjoying myself. I was enjoying listening to her and her smartass comments. Deciding which gender to hate, that got points for originality for sure. Hey, maybe it worked out pretty well seeing as how I don't hate either sex all that much. - My life was... yeah, I guess interesting covers it. Maybe this is where I'm gonna pull my mystery card and not tell you anymore about it. I smiled, but that didn't mean I hadn't meant what I said. Talking anymore about my family was pretty much a no-go area. What about you, you said your parents were crazy? If they weren't anything like there daughter then I'd bet they definitely weren't boring anyway, I didn't think anyone who raised a firecracker like Caly could be anything other than interesting.

'Just friends'? Woah, had I already been put in the friendzone? Or was she just trying to play off as cool or something? You'd think after twenty-five years of living you'd start to understand women more. And actually, being honest, when it came to ordinary women I could be pretty damn smooth. They could be stunning and witty, but they were still fundamentally predictable. But Caly was anything other than ordinary and predictable and I was really liking that. Well then, just a friend Caly, why not just tell me what the catch is? If we're just friends then it's not like I'm ever going to get the opportunity to find out myself, right? I smirked at her, trying not to look cocky but hell, I was steadily flirting with her more and more so why avoid it?

Her next words had my head spinning. Like, Jesus, I'd just been making a joke- she couldn't be serious? The whole, 'that's why I brought you here' thing had to just be her pulling my leg, right? If she was just joking then there was no need for me to get worked up. But if she wasn't... she she really didn't know what she was getting herself into. I was a nice guy, a good guy. But like any guy who gets too worked up I could reach a point where being 'nice' and having 'fun' were no longer mutually exclusive. I knew I'd been chill, maybe a little awkward while I was talking to her... but she probably had no idea she pushing my right into my comfort zone. I turned fully towards her, abandoning it and leaning against the console instead.

A smirk played on my lips as she talked, brow arching when she kicked of her shoes. Oh yeah, don't worry I figured my way about it as I got older. College was pretty great for that actually. My smirked widened into a grin and I tilted my head to the side, watching her as I spoke. And hey, didn't you already know women are machines? All that multitasking and stuff, I don't see another explanation for it. I laughed a bit, but it died in my throat when she pulled off her top. I swallowed a little, feeling a surge of eat start in my chest before dropping lower. I moved away from the console, taking a step closer to Caly and taking a strand of her hair between my fingers. What's the rush? I smiled, keeping my eyes on hers even though I kept thinking about looking lower. I'm not even sure exactly what we're supposed to be doing. I said, giving the hair I was holding a gentle tug. Well, I could guess but I didn't want to be the guy who assumed a chick taking her top off meant that. She'd mentioned making out after all.

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Re: [Private] Insert Coin(s)

Calypso Bea Paxon | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:09 pm

I had to laugh, I mean most people would totally agree with him and honestly, a lot of people would probably mean it too, but he couldn't be more wrong about me. If you want a moment of honesty, then I have to admit I'm quite the opposite. I may come off as sarcastic and I'll admit, at times even pessimistic, but really I kinda love everyone equally. I just like people, their stories, where they come from and hope to go... I stopped myself before I could ramble on and on when really I knew he was just joking. Nothing can kill a mood like a person who can't just laugh at a joke and instead has to go into some in depth opposition. Nevermind I'm rambling. I laughed awkwardly and let my eyes focus on something else. Yeah, because if I don't see him, then he clearly can't see me. Heh. Oh we could, or I was thinking a little gambling could be in order. See who can guess closer to the actual number of twats, winner gets coldstone or a jumbo pretzel. Loser buys.

That's good to know. Now I know how to tickle your fancy. You realize you just gave me the tools to give you exactly what you want right? Build up it is, but don't come cryin' to me when you can't take anymore. I bit at my lip again, maybe because my idea of ''build up'' and his were two completely different ideas. Hey, girls can have perverted thoughts too right? Thoughts won't earn me a slut label will they? Fuck it, I so didn't care.

Touche my friend, you may have given me the tools to give you exactly what you want but you pulling out that mystery card was pretty freakin' sly. It just makes me want to know more, simply because you decided not to share anymore. Funny how that works... It was funny, but it also gave me this naggy feeling in the back of my mind. Like I wanted to pester more history deets right out of him. I wasn't about to do that but shit, I wanted to...

Absolutely nuts. What do you expect from people who only aspire to maintain an image of ''pompous and wealthy'' at all costs? To me, only caring about looking and feeling wealthy is absolutely nuts. But I love 'em anyway. Not really, I hated them, but what did it matter? It wasn't like it was some tragic feeling that made me feel depressed, and it wasn't like I used that as a way to suck the sympathy out of people. It legitimately didn't even bother me that I hated them.

I reached into my pretend pocket and pulled out an invisible card, And this will be my mystery card. For now. Talking about my fam when I'm trying to nonchalantly flirt with you is a total boner buster. I laughed, even though I was serious. It was the best way to tell people what you were really thinking, by pretending it was a joke. And I had been trying to be more honest lately, so it was my method of doing just that. So kill me, pretending something you honestly feel is just a joke might be a lie, but it's definitely not a complete lie. It's more like a truth sandwich with lies in the middle... Or something like that.

Friendship is the fundamental foundation of ''levelling up'' into friends with benefits and beyond. Don't be too upset about it, everyone, even me starts there. The best part is, if nothing ever comes of it, then we get a wicked ass friendship out of it. Sounds like a complete win/win to me. It was true, I did like to start with friendship at the bottom. I know most people liked to start with ''stranger'' but hey, if you label someone a stranger, then that's exactly what they'll be.

Your college experience sounds better than mine, then again mine hasn't ended and I'm not exactly going to some wicked university or anything. Community college and all... You get what you pay for, and that counts in leisure time. You pay for a community college, you're getting the runt of the litter when it comes to that... Or maybe it's because of the location I chose... Who the hell knows. I was rambling now, but really I was busy getting my clothes off. Totally true dude, I'm not made of blood and flesh, I'm made of oil and gears.

Well, we're not braiding my hair naked if that's what you mean. I said when I felt a tug. I pulled off everything, one arm was covering the girls, and the opposite hand was being used as a flesh toned loin cloth. I looked at him, took a step closer to him and paused for a very short second before gently letting myself into the water. I disappeared under, and as I surfaced I pushed my hair back away from my face. So tell me Adrian, are you feeling spontaneous and rebellious? There's more than enough room in here, and something tells me you won't regret it.

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Re: [Private] Insert Coin(s)

Adrian Lincoln |

Posted on Sat Mar 07, 2015 5:41 pm

Hey, if you want a moment of reciprocated honesty then I'll admit that I admire the fact that you think of it like that. Not enough people would be so giving in that way. And there's definitely not enough people out there who appreciate what they could gain from other just hearing about other peoples' experiences. I grinned then, wondering if her 'honesty' was something I'd get to hear more of. I hoped I would anyway. Nah, you're not rambling. It was cool of you to tell me so don't worry about it. I really, really liked hearing her open up like that, it made me realize I definitely wanted to get to know this girl as well as I could. Gambling does sound fun, I'm just not sure how we'd figure out who won of the twat guessing game. How can we know if we're right or not? We'd have to follow them around until they did something... twatty. Why not get the pretzels first then try figure out a bet and payment.

I think you'll find I said I prefer the bit after all the build up. I think you purposely misunderstood me so you could be the one having fun with the build up. Seriously who did someone get that you wanted more build up out of say that you'd prefer to basically just skip it altogether. I shrugged and gave her an appraising look, wondering if she'd admit to my suspicions or just act innocent. That's not to say I don't appreciate a bit of tension here and there, but that's a totally different thing. - Hey if I give away all my secrets then you might get bored and go find someone else to entertain you. I didn't actually think she seemed like the kind of girl to just dismiss someone based on entertainment value but I had to remind myself that no matter how much I liked the impression I was getting for her I still didn't actually know her.

Ah yeah, I kind of understand that. I've traveled a lot and I've met so many people who like to put on all these 'airs' and crap like that. It can seem pretty crazy. It's nice to know you're crazy in a more 'down-to-earth' way. I joked, teasing her and feeling totally justified in it from all the teasing she'd heaped on me since I'd met her in the line. I love my family too. Didn't always and we still butt heads a lot, but I still care about them. Plus Theo, my cousin, he's family. More like a brother really. He's got some parent trouble going on too, think maybe it just runs in the family. I didn't really know what else to say about it, I was just a little bowled over that she'd been so honest once again. Maybe you really did get what you gave. I chuckled when she pulled the same move I had, but nodded, conceding that she could get away with it after I had. Boner buster? Well you're not gonna find me arguing with no more talking about family.

Right, I doubt she ever had to start at the bottom, not if she really wanted to. I wasn't exactly sure I'd be able to refuse her if she was genuinely trying to get me to doing something. Like, jeesh did she really not realize how ridiculously hot she was? How the hell was it that I'd come here trying not to think about chick and then along comes Caly, basically the living embodiment of 'my type'. How was the ever fair? Yeah, I guess a wicked ass friendship does sound pretty awesome. I paused, smirking at her a little bit. But that doesn't mean I'm not gonna be working towards more before you make that decision. I wasn't even talking about sex, even if that wasn't exactly obvious. I just at least wanted the chance to take her on a proper date. Of course then she had to go and completely erase all rational thought from my mind. She was really taking of her clothes. Holy shit. She wasn't just saying it but actually following through. My mouth was open, probably from whatever I'd been about to say... but I honestly couldn't remember what that had been. Something about college maybe. 

I shook my head, managing to close my mouth so I wasn't gaping like a fish. Holy crap she was so gorgeous. My eye traveled down, no matter how much I wanted be a nice guy and hold up eye contact. Crap, it might've made me a jerk but I couldn't help it. What a freakin' body. I groaned under my breath a little when she stepped closer, before slipping into the water. Goddamnit why couldn't this have been anywhere else. Even breaking into a swimming pool would be better than this. Jesus, even if I wasn't you'd make feeling that way all too appealing. I crouched down, peering at her and the fact that she wasn't reacting in disgust. Maybe the water wasn't that awful? I groaned again, my arm reaching back over my shoulder, gripping the fabric of my top, pulling it off as I stood up. I shivered a bit at being topless so suddenly. I reached for my belt, slowly undoing it. You sure it's gonna be worth it? I asked, maintaining eye contact as I pulled of my belt. I looked down then, tugging my jeans off until I was left in just my jocks. So was I going to whole way with this... crap no, I couldn't think of this too much or I'd chicken out completely. I pulled off my boxers with one hand before using both to cover myself properly. Shit, you're ridiculously persuasive. I muttered before finally slipping in myself.

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Re: [Private] Insert Coin(s)

Calypso Bea Paxon | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sat Mar 07, 2015 6:53 pm

OOC Message

Well, we do live in a world full of judgement based off of standards that we as humans have set for ourselves. There are only two reasons people wouldn't be so giving in that way. A) They're guarding themselves from pain, or B) They've attached a negative notion to certain lifestyles based off of crap they read on the computer, see on the news, or in some cases, things they've experienced. It's not my problem, I just feel sad for people like that. Closed mindedness is a one way street that leads to a really miserable place. It really was ridiculous. People see a man in dirty and torn clothing and assumes he's a drunk that is too lazy to get a job. They don't give him the time of day, they don't care to hear his story, and to be completely honest it's that kinda shit that pisses me off. The only reason people who hate people actually hate people, is because they're too lazy to unlearn the biased fucking bullshit that they've been spoon fed. Then again I guess that could be considered judgmental. There really was no end to that whole topic. It's a circle of never ending opinions that can be stamped, labeled, and shipped to the debate.

Hmm, I like your plan better. My idea ended with a date of jumbo pretzels and coldstone ice cream, yours starts with one. It seems to me like you're a no bullshit kinda man Adrian. I like it. I wasn't even all that sure if he realized that I was being dead serious. It didn't really matter, if I learned anything in the world of dating, that was there was really no point in wasting time waiting for shit to happen. So, before the day was done I fully intended to get his phone number, and I would be the one to call him and make sure he remembered our date.

Maybe. I hear what I like to hear a lot of the time. You call me ugly, I hear you're jealous. You call me annoying, I hear you're envious of my ability to be amused by things that make noise. You tell me you like what comes after build up, I hear you like build up so I have an excuse to be a tease. You get my point here. My honesty faucet was on full blast today. It was just proof that I could really do it if I set my mind to it. So maybe I'd spent a lot of my life telling white lies here and there to get what I wanted... I was learning now that honesty was nearly bullet proof as well. You can't blame me, I only did what I was taught to do. Now I'm learning the other way around. It was kind of liberating.

Don't be fooled Adrian, my type of crazy was self taught. I could easily revert back to my 'nose in the air', 'Alexander McQueen obsessing', 'hoity toity', 'wiping my ass with hundreds', mentality any second. I joked. Really though? You've traveled? Where have you been? Was it crazy that I'd been to Tokyo and Paris but was dying to meet someone who had visited New York or Hollywood? My parents were the type that liked to take vacations abroad. They didn't see the U.S. for the awesomeness that it really was. There was a shit load to see here, in the land we were born into, why turn a blind eye to all of the great shit America could provide us? Oh right, because a ticket to Italy gave them an excuse to showcase their gold plated suitcases.

Parent trouble sounds refreshingly healthy. I'd hate to step my feet into unknown territory and risk stomping on one of your nerves, but I'm unbelievably envious of you and your cousin right now. It wasn't my place to ask for deets, no matter how much I wanted to know. Maybe I'd bring it up another time, but for now, I was just in awe of this person. He wasn't the first person I'd met with what I'd consider a seemingly normal relationship with his parents, but it still amazed me every time. I was driven home in a police car more times than I could count and my parents wouldn't even slap my hand. They just didn't give a shit. Getting high in my dads new Lamborghini? No big deal, just as long as I wore something presentable to their big dinner party and flirted with the bosses son, they didn't give a crap.

That's good to know. Maybe I'll do the same. We'll see how I feel after our jumbo pretzel date. I gave him a smirk. Hey, I'd done nothing but think pervy thoughts about him since I was first caught gazing at his rear. A wicked friendship would be great, more would be better. Unless of course he was uber religious and was saving himself for marriage. Hey, nothing against people who believe that stuff, I just had needs. I couldn't date someone, hell, I couldn't marry someone without testing out everything they had to offer. What if you married them and found out they were cursed with being a forever newb in the sack? What a let down. I mean that didn't really apply to me since I was opposed to marriage but still.

I watched him carefully, feeling more and more just, giddy as his clothes started disappearing. It wasn't because I was some immature little whore that was getting all aroused watching him remove his clothes, even if what was underneath was definitely appealing. I was just happy he wasn't going to turn all of my efforts into mega embarrassment and buzzkill. I took a chance, and I was definitely glad I did because his hot totty was in the water before I could even realize how freakin' cold it was. I let out a laugh and quickly covered my mouth before the echo could carry it too far. You tell me if its worth it. On the plus side, I'm naked, on the downside I'm pretty sure your balls just had a shock that sent 'em into hiding. There is more to this you know... I swam a bit closer to him. Now I know you definitely won't forget me. That was definitely one of the most important ones. When we're eighty, we can tell people that we were crazy enough to go skinny dipping in a bumper boat pool. Plus, you've gotta love the adrenaline and excitement of knowing at any second we could be caught.

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