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[Private][301] Peanut Butter Wallet Time

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Re: [Private][301] Peanut Butter Wallet Time

Monday West |

Posted on Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:04 am

Quote Begin You know.. I actually don’t know if I do or not. It’s been a while since I was out there thinking about that stuff. Quote End  I shrugged, hoping that didn’t come across too sad. Was it sad? It did feel like it. But the whole time I hadn’t had proper access to Tom the only thing I’d been able to think about was my son.   Quote Begin But I definitely get it. You’re right.. I need to relax too. Quote End  the moment beers were mentioned I felt a little awkward, but perhaps that was my problem?  Quote Begin I.. don’t really drink, or I haven’t in a while. But then a few beers couldn’t hurt? Quote End  I said, raising an eyebrow at Logan because I had the feeling that was what he’d want me to say. Besides, as much as I didn’t want to end up some crazed alcoholic I doubted a few beers would do that to me. Maybe just enough to get a little buzz going and enjoy the evening with the guys.

Quote Begin So yeah, let’s do this. Quote End  Was where I’d left it off before the kids had come in.

My eyes met the doll’s head and my mouth opened in surprise before closing, tightening into a frown as I turned to Tom and then back to Logan.  Quote Begin I’m sorry mate, I’ll pay for a new one. Quote End  I said to him over the sniffling, hoping it hadn’t been Penny’s favourite toy. Kids… It was difficult not to see the funny side of it though. It especially didn’t help when Logan held it up like it was some trophy a soldier had kept or whatever gruesome things they used to do, the doll’s ridiculous smile still beaming at us. Whatever it reminded me of it did look funny - if I tried not to think that it most likely had been Tom who broke it. Or, that the doll could be expensive. Weren’t all toys these days? From what I could remember of fight aftermath with my own sisters there was no way that head was going back on to its body either.

Quote Begin Penny took Terry so I tried to grab her doll but she wouldn’t let it go and it broke. Quote End  Tom said without me even prompting him, and I let out a soft sigh when I noticed the slight quiver of his bottom lip. He was still gripping onto his own toy. Telling him off was never easy when he looked at me like that, like I was going to horrifically punish him. I sighed again and shot Logan a humorous glance before turning to Tom with a straight face.  Quote Begin Okay… I don’t know whose fault it is, but it wasn’t nice Penny’s doll got broken, was it? How would you feel if Terry’s head got ripped off? Quote End  

A look of absolute tragedy cast over Tom’s face and I wondered if I’d gone too far. He was ridiculously attached to the toy, which had been very cute when he was younger but had been slowly getting less cute as the years went on, but he’d had Terry since he was a baby. Either way he had a very strong attachment to the stuffed dinosaur. Tom sniffled a bit, but obviously didn’t want to actually cry, and went over to Logan. He pulled at one of Penny’s legs.  Quote Begin I’m sorry Penny. I didn’t mean to break your doll. Quote End  He said quietly, looking up at her in Logan’s arms.

I stood back and watched, slightly surprised. That had been… easy, actually. Expecting Tom to offer to let Penny play with Terry as part of the apology was expecting too much though, and I cleared my throat.  Quote Begin Do either of you want a drink? Quote End  I asked the kids while signalling to Logan, hoping it would distract them from what had happened.

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Re: [Private][301] Peanut Butter Wallet Time

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sun Nov 30, 2014 4:59 pm

Was this dude fuckin' with me? I kinda just stared at him for a minute in disbelief. He doesn't really drink? This was like something out of a twilight episode. Everybody fucking drank, even people that liked to claim they didn't. My disbelief turned into realization that he was lying. He was definitely lying. How the hell else did he spend his time? Watching cartoons? Shit all it took was a trip to the grocery store with Penny and the second I get home I'm ready for some tequila. Nah, just enough to wet your whistle. I'm not tryin'a to get you drunk or anything. Yes I am, that is exactly what I'm trying to do.

Don't worry about it man she has more dolls than... I paused and looked Tom straight in his eyes. I almost slipped up and finished that sentence but caught myself. Shit there was nothing fun about putting a filter on. ...I'll save that joke for another time...

I watched as Tom apologized, slightly impressed to be fucking honest. This kid was brilliant. Penny just looked at him and I had to take a double take. Hell was she really gonna let him make her look bad? Had I taught my kid nothing?! Penny, be nice. I whispered in her ear and placed her back on her feet. Let's chill out okay punk? I patted her on the head and slipped past them both, already taking Monday's advice and heading to the kitchen. Snack and a drink, nothing mends a relationship between two kids like food and a capri sun. Shit if only adult life was that easy.

I pulled a couple capri sun's from the fridge, some grapes, and some pretzels. If you're cool kids and there might be a better treat waiting for you later. I said before nudging them off to Penny's room again. I plopped onto the couch just as I heard her door slam shut. Hey! Door open! I heard the pattering of little feet, and then the sound of her door opening followed by more pattering feet.

Sometimes it feels like I'm constantly running a mental marathon with this kid. I never realized how much I'd miss something as simple as sitting down and talking with someone for more than ten minutes without an interruption. Not saying it's all bad but dang, I miss the little stuff. And the big stuff... Like bringing a chick home at two in the morning, hell, even staying out until two in the morning, being able to leave sharp objects out in the open, having porn easily accessible... Fuck parenting.

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Re: [Private][301] Peanut Butter Wallet Time

Monday West |

Posted on Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:53 am

I raised an eyebrow at Logan, wondering how his apparently not child friendly joke could end, and took the opportunity to check that they hadn’t turned Penny’s bedroom into a bomb site while Logan fixed her and Tom up with food. It seemed mostly tidy – the floor was covered in toys but I’d expected that. I ducked back out of the room and went over to the sofa, watching the kids obediently return to Penny’s room.

Quote Begin Well, let me know when you’re free to witness my probably embarrassing tolerance levels? Quote End  I grinned to Logan, and even though I knew how sad it was, couldn’t help feeling a rush of excitement over the thought of drinking. It felt I’d been thrown back to smoking behind the bike sheds at school. As for how much I could handle alcohol, I was hoping my misspent early teenage years might actually come in handy. And if they didn’t, at least I’d be around other people who’d keep an eye on me.  Quote Begin I imagine you know the best places to get a pint around here. Quote End

Quote Begin Yeah? Quote End  I glanced to Logan, and laughed a little,  Quote Begin I never had the chance to experience most of those small things people have before kids so maybe that’s why I couldn’t miss it at first. And now I have… it might sound crazy, but when I was on my own and had more time to do my own thing, all I did was miss the other side of it. All the little stuff you have to deal with because of a kid, I actually missed that stuff. And now they annoy me again.. guess we can’t win! Quote End  I stretched my arms over the back of the sofa and smiled lazily.  Quote Begin Anyway man, it gets easier as they get older, trust me. Maybe I’m not the best person to say it because I haven’t looked after Tom all his life, but when he was proper tiny… that was hell. It’s not easy now but it’s better than it was. Tom’s an easy kid, but he was the worst baby. He’d just cry, all the time. Quote End  It was easier now, mostly because of the insane attachment he had to Terry. There were times when I wondered if he loved that dinosaur more than me or Sarah. Joel being Joel, hadn’t said anything but obviously thought Tom should’ve outgrown it by now. Quote Begin And seriously, I'll pay for the doll. It's no big deal. Quote End

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