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 Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas - Page 2

Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

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Just as I had settled into my people-watching, I caught the scent of food, and that was enough to get me moving. After all, I was a lightweight even on a full stomach, so unless I wanted to be carried out of the party with a stomach pump I would have to eat something. Plus, it smelled amazing and I wasn't going to pass that up.

I followed my nose - literally - and found myself right where I wanted to be. The buffet table. I picked up a plate and began to load it with various savouries - oh, I was in heaven. I never usually got to eat food this nice, so I was sure I'd be leaving here with about 50 pounds more than I had when I came in. And it wasn't like I could loosen my belt.

I was just passing by a skinny guy with his back turned to me when I realised - I had forgotten cutlery. Fuck, I said to myself, much louder than I had intended. Shit, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to swear right in your ear. Now I've done it again. I'm so sorr... I trailed off. Here I was, babbling away to this total stranger that, looking at them now, I wasn't sure if they were a guy or a girl. My stomach started to twist, but this time I wasn't sure if it was from nerves or hunger. I cleared my throat. Ehem. Yeah. Sorry.

Well, now I've engaged them in conversation. Fuck, all I wanted was to eat delicious food and then I could get to properly socialising.

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Re: Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Tue Dec 23, 2014 6:17 pm

The dining hall... well the dining hall was the stuff of dreams. Tables and tables just laden with decadent treats that were mine for the taking. One of the greatest benefits of living such an active lifestyle was that I could consume insane amounts of food, in fact I HAD to consume insane amounts of food in order to meet my body's caloric needs. Normally, I would make somewhat better eating decisions, but it was a ball after all so I piled my plate high with as many carb and sugar loaded foods as my heart desired. 

Landon and I had our differences, but one thing we had never failed to enjoy together was food. He wasn't exactly the talkative type but I could recall him opening up to me were over some kind of tasty meal. I even thought I might have seen a flash of emotion on his face as he filled his own plate. Yes friends, it truly was a Christmas miracle.

I was making my way to the tables with my hungry brother in tow when I passed this girl with this GORGEOUS dress. It looked like someone had taken the night sky and made it into a ball gown and it was so shimmery and damn. She worked it too. Put my snow themed outfit to shame, and obviously I had to tell her, so I walked up to her.I love your dress!

What I hadn't realized was that she was in a conversation with another guy and I had totally just interrupted. Oh, I am so sorry. I just totally interrupted your conversation to say that, but you really do look great. Landon walked up as I finished saying this, but remained silent - typical. The only downfall of hanging out with him in public was his lack of people skills. If he wasn't such a good tattoo-artist he probably would have failed as one considering how not personable he can be.

The guy that the girl with the nice dress looked like he was listening to some music incognito and people generally like talking about whatever music they like so it would probably be a good ice-breaker. What'cha listening to?

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I was so focused on avoiding the blonde and her date that I freaked the hell out when some other chick swore right into my ear.
I jumped, startled, yet balancing my food still. I closed my eyes as a pink blush started to form over my face. Damnit girl, sneaking up on people with Jenga blocks for food is NOT what you want to do in a place like this...

I opened my eyes and looked over my shoulder at her with a blackberry scone poking out from between my lips. I just gawked at her for a moment, looking over her absolutely gorgeous outfit, and kind of tuned out her dizzy rambling. Huh. The pretty, awkward type. A Cinderella story waiting to happen. Maybe she'd get lucky and find her Prince Charming at this ball. I'd already found mine: hellooooo chocolate fondant....

I swallowed the rest of my scone and brushed the residue from my mouth with the back of my wrist, casually. I decided to throw a few words at this chick--she seemed awkward enough that I wouldn't feel threatened talking to her, and it was definitely a way to (hopefully) avoid the blondes that were now behind me. I spoke in my usual, raspy, mid-toned voice.

"I'd say 'no need to apologize,' but you did scare the shit out of me." I smirked, tilting my head to the side and holding onto my plate with two hands. "But as for the swearing in my ear?" I chortled. "I don't give a fuck about that." I made sure to stress the word 'fuck,' partially being friendly and, well, partially flirting, because I always flirted, naturally... and I mean, who wouldn't when you had an awkward Ariel talking to you? 

I shoved a piece of biscotti onto my plate and jumped once again when the blonde that I was originally avoiding came over with her date to compliment Princess Ariel. I sighed, yet again, this time making a pouty face at the single casualty of biscotti that I had nearly secured in place. I shook my head in a playful shame as I watched it hit the ground. 

My attention made its way back to what was now an unfortunate group conversation. The blonde chick was oggling Ariel's dress...which, I meant to say I liked first, if it mattered...

And then she spotted the single Beats bud that was lodged in my ear. Shit. I'd been spotted.
I cleared my throat.

"Uh, n-nothing, I just, uh..." I moved the earbud out of my ear with my free hand and wrapped it over the back of my neck.
"...I just forgot to take it out when I came in, is all..." Anndddd this is why I sucked at socialising. 
I adjusted my posture and looked at the tall guy who was staying quiet. I totally understood what he was feeling in that moment. But if I had to talk, then so did he.

"Courting your lady to the ball tonight, huh?"

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Re: Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Fri Dec 26, 2014 12:43 pm

OOC Message
Dress, shoes, and hair. Eyes and lips.

I smoothed out my dress and once again glanced around the large ballroom, my gaze sweeping over the well-dressed inhabitants of the town. Taking a demotion in order to join the small police force at Index definitely had its downsides, though I was relieved formalwear was still required even for the security staff at their annual event. To be sent to the ball, on security. Wearing a wretched jacket and whatever other stereotypical security gear would have seemed one step too far for me to take.

For others it may have been entirely too easy to focus on what I had lost by coming to this town. For me, though – I had such larger concerns on my mind, and at the end of the day it would all be worth it if only I completed my mission, as it were, that had led me to Index. He was here, he had to be. I felt it not only in my gut but in my heart.

My head snapped up and I surfaced from my deep thoughts when someone approached, their bulky build and the small insignia on their jacket enough of a tell-tale sign that it was the head of security even if I hadn’t met him in passing earlier. He regarded me with an expression that made me want to groan, but instead I graced a polite smile on my face and awaited whichever orders Mr Peters deemed me worthy of. If he was like many the policemen I had the task of working with, it wouldn’t be much, but I couldn’t help my heart swell at the possibilities anyway. I’d heard the stories of events that had gone on at the Winter Ball in the past that meant the presence of security was in no way excessive.

Quote Begin Officer Khan, I’m sorry it took me so long to arrange your post. Thank you for waiting. If you’d like to follow me, Quote End My Peters said and then started, pausing to wait for me. I kept pace and followed him through the ballroom, out into the hall and finally to a stop right near the large front doors. Was I to stand security right at the inside of the mansion? The thought of such a responsibility excited me, until Peters stepped a little further, away from the doors and into a small, tucked away entrance. My heart sank as I followed. The cursive sign above the door read Cloakroom, and I had to clench my back teeth to try and keep my cool in front of the uniformed attendant standing outside, eyes fiery with anger and embarassment. I was a cop, a detective, and I was to be guarding people's coats the entire evening?  Quote Begin Keeping the cloakroom secure will be the perfect job for you, nice and warm and away from the busy crowds. Quote End  The head of Security said with a warm smile, which I had to forcibly mirror back with a nod as thank you as he turned away. Inside I was seething. The worst part was that the man didn’t even appear to have done it maliciously, but apparently thought I really would be most useful tucked away in that stupid little room.

I entered the cloakroom with my fists clenched and a stormy expression on my face. Only when I walked in did I realise that there was someone else in there. My initial surprise turned back to bitterness when I realised it was another woman – typical. Typical. Shove all the women in here because of course we couldn't be any damn use anywhere else.

Quote Begin Hey, Quote End  I greeted, and twiddled awkwardly with my thumbs as I glanced at a chair, not wanting to sit down in case I creased my dress. Although, it wouldn’t matter much with me tucked away out of sight whether it was creased or not. I sighed and sat down on an ornate but stiff chair, not caring any more.  Quote Begin They didn’t think you were good enough to play security with the big boys either, huh? Those… Quote End  I scrunched my face up, not even knowing how to begin describing the sexism I’d experienced since coming to the town. It was nothing new – it was common on the force, but after so many years slaving away to earn respect and a position at my old station, I really had come right back to the start again in Index.  Quote Begin Men. Quote End  I finally spat, and sighed heavily again. I didn’t consider myself sexist, only that I had the displeasure of the majority of the men I worked with being sexist tools.  Quote Begin They’re all stupid, sexist pigs who can’t do their jobs even half as well as I can. Quote End  I glanced to the woman, feeling comforted by the rarity of another female in this type of work for once. At least I’d been saved from either being hit on or lectured about the basics of being a cop, as if I didn’t have years of my own experience under my belt.

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Re: Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:13 am

OOC Message
Outfit   +   Hair

Honestly, working security tonight was probably a stupid fucking idea. I mean being here of all fucking places was the stupid part. The fact that I knew this and yet had still said yes was probably the most confusing part of all the shit I was thinking tonight. Shit though, the Winter Ball of all fucking places? Every year I said I wouldn't come back here, would say no when I got offered the hours, but every goddamn year I said yes anyway. It was beyond pointless, and more than anything it was infuriating because a small, irritatingly truthful part of myself new exactly why I did it. They hadn't gone to the Ball in years, not since I'd 'gone missing'. But still, it was stupid and fucking corny but I felt a little closer to them here, even though who the fuck knew how many miles away they live from here now. 

So yeah, for the most embarrassing reasons fucking ever, I took the job and resigned myself to a night of being ordered around by idiots. Idiots who were still stupidly shocked when I didn't stick to their whole 'well-dressed' security ideals and just showed up wearing the same kind of thing I'd wear to any security job. They'd have to pay me a whole lot more fucking money to get me in some stupid dress. Why the fuck they were surprised I'd never know, I did the same thing any year that I took the job. 

Fuck it, it wasn't like I actually cared about getting stuck in with all the coats and shit. Like, fuck it, that just meant I got to do an easy job and still get paid the same as all the security outside who had to work for their money. Seriously, why the hell would I complain about something like that? 

After I'd been shown to my 'post', my 'station' or whatever the fuck it was called, I wasted no time in finding ways to entertain myself. The first brilliant idea that came to me was pretty much just searching through the pockets of the fucking stupid about of coats and purses. Like, I wasn't going to steal anything or shit like that. But last year I'd been stuck in here for the same fucked up, dress-code related shit that had gotten me stuck in here again, and I'd found a harmonic in one of the coats. I'd spent most of that night playing around with it and discovering that the harmonica was pretty fucking cool. I'd bought my own and gotten pretty damn good in the year since. Especially in the last month considering it was one of the things I could still fucking do despite my arm. I'd hired a nurse to come help me out with shit, and yeah even I had to admit it was healing a lot faster, but it was still fucking embarrassing to need her there in the first place. And fuck, it would never not be embarrassing that she'd pretty much had to touch my tits when redoing the bandages.

Just as I was pulling a fucking endless scarf out of some old, mothball-y smelling velvet coat, I heard voices and footsteps approaching. I focused, the rest of the noise fading out slightly until I could tell that they were definitely heading this way. Shit, what great fucking timing. I hurriedly stuffed the fucking thing back in the pocket and turned to face the door, glancing at the chair. Could I hop the table with all the purses and sit down in time to look like that was all I'd been fucking doing? Seeing as the door opened the second I thought it I was going to answer that with a big fat fucking 'no'. But it wasn't my temporary boss for the evening who entered to see my standing shiftily in the middle of the room. Nah, it was a chick. I frowned for a sec, wondering what was going on. Then she spoke and I realized she was one of cops. One of the cops with a serious case of butthurt.

Didn't think I was good enough- what? I arched my brow at her, giving her elaborate outfit a pointed look. I'm in here because I didn't want to play dress up, kinda obvious right? I rolled my eyes and started looking through pockets again, glancing at her as she continued her little rant. Shit, like it wasn't that I disagreed with her, but I hated listening to humans and their stupid human complaints. Fuck, sounds like it's more than getting stuck in a cloakroom that has you all pissed. I grinned a little, brow arching again. Why not just think of it as getting paid to do sweet fuck all. Dunno about you but I'm perfectly fine with that. Maybe she was one of those people who hated the idea of not earning shit? I wasn't anything close to lazy but I could still appreciate a good deal when I saw one.

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