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 Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas - Page 6

Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

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These people were dropping like flies around me. And no, not like literally dying (although that would be kind of funny), but just leaving. It was like as soon as I said one thing they found some reason to walk away. Princess Ariel was actually kind of cute, too, and I could put up with her. Maybe I was too weird or something though, I dunno. And now this blonde chick and her date--shit, brother--they were leaving too, I could just feel it. And don't get me wrong, I really hated socializing, but for once in my life I thought I was doing pretty well. It was kind of like everyone in this bitch was playing reverse psychology on me and wANTED me to talk to them.

Well. Reverse psychology was winning.

Before the night was over I was gonna make one goddamn conversation, no matter what it took.

I was right about the blonde and her brother trying to escape my awkwardness. Apparently his name was Landon. But he didn't say that, she did, treating her brother like some kind of huge ventriloquist doll. I started to speak, but right before I was audible enough to respond, she said they'd 'just be going.' The fuck? That's like the rudest dismissal on Earth. It's like you're literally stabbing somebody in the ass with "you're weird and I'm leaving" before you flip your blonde-ass Mean Girls hair and turn away. She could've just excused herself politely or some shit. 


Crossed her off my 'let's make chat' list. But not her brother. He was cool. And he seemed just as annoyed by her as I was.

My nose punched my rambling thoughts in the face at the smell of meat coming from nearby. Oooohhh, fuck, it was like none of this shit on my plate even mATTERED anymore. I crammed a few more sweets in my mouth like I was playing chubby bunny before setting my unorganized plate on a table nearby and following my nose.

Sorry janitors.

My part-time hound dog nose led me to two ladies in worker's coats, holding a serving tray. Aw, sick, a waitressesss! They must've just been bringing the next course for the guests outside. But it was cold and--well, whatever, I'm not gonna question where all that meat was going. Because it was meat, yknow. Haha, suck it other people, I'm getting this shit first...

I swallowed my food and choked a little, then cleared my throat and stood up straight, smiling.

"Uh, hey there, how's it goin?" I chuckled a little, being overly charismatic as I stared at what smelled like sirloin. "Mind if I steal a little meat before you put it out for those hoity-toity middle class Mean Girls to ravage it?" I gestured back at a pile of giggling Barbie dolls wearing floofy Cinderella dresses that stood in the foyer, making oogly eyes at every fucking guy they saw. 

Shit, I was getting aggressive. I needed some tunes ASAP. 
Current agenda: Get the food. Get to the DJ table. Spin it.
I took a small breath and then looked up at the waitress holding the tray, who had a sexy scar on her face, and then at the chick next to her who...
...wh-.....holy shit she was gorgeous. Could someone really be that stunning and be just a waitress? And her dress was perfect, not all poofy and dramatic, just perfect, like, I totally couldn't mistake her for a bitch. She was a quality human being. I could just tell.

....annnddd I was staring. So I cleared my throat and shook my head, then smiled politely back at the badass looking waitress with the scar.

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Re: Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:39 am

OOC Message
Said this in chat but putting here too JIC. Peyton and Hana are both wearing hi-vis security jackets like these. Also they're not in the main area of the event but in the entrance hall by the main doors.

Shit, I'd expected Hana to make a big fucking deal outta the food, I really had. What I had fucking expected was her reaching out and pulling the lid off. My first reaction was to pull my precious cargo out of her reach and maybe punch her, but then - holy shit what the hell? She kinda looked like people did before they 'cried outta happiness' or whatever. No really, what alternate reality had I walked the hell into?

Oh. She thought - awh fuck she though the food was for her too. If I ran away now, really fast, how much could I eat before she found me? Whatever ruled the universe had it out for me tonight. Shit, like what could I really other than just go along with it - especially since she'd 'bend the rules' for it. Oh my God, well wasn't that just dandy of her? I rolled my eyes and just about managed not to glare at her. Yeah fine, I'll share the damn food. But touch my steak and I'll literally eat your goddamn hand as compensation. The worst part about that was that I was nearly sure I was serious about it too. Like, no way would it taste anywhere near as nice and the rare piece of meat I was fucking dying to devour, definitely not. I shuffled my feet at little, looking at the ground and grunting when she thanked me.

I didn't even know you were hungry. But from the look on her face I figured she wasn't about to buy that. And fuck, don't thank me, like just don't or I'll fucking throw up. Weird ass chick throwing around gratitude like that, especially when it was totally undeserved on my part. I hadn't done shit with her in mind tonight, not once.

Whatever, I was about to suggest we actually finally get the fuck outside when some little Asian walks over and asks for some of my food. What the fuck was going on here? Instinctively I held the tray up, out of reach of either of the short people who'd obviously made some mental claim on it. What? No! What the fuck is with people trying to steal my fucking food? I narrowed my eyes and took a step back, still holding up the tray. You wouldn't go 'round grabbing food from people's plates and shit. I grabbed this from the kitchen since I'm very obviously not a guest. You can wait 'til they bring out the rest. I turned away then, walking out the front doors with the tray still held out reach of anyone else who wanted to fucking try and take my stuff, leaving Hana to deal with the guest and whatever pissy problem they had with my attitude.

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Badass scarface went from 10 to 0 in like 5 seconds. Shit, somebody was cranky. And who the hell could eat everything on that fucking plate anyway? There was no way that was just hers. And yeah, exactly, I wouldn't go fishing in random people's plates. So since the bitch wasn't a GUEST, I was going to get some from HER, which she brought from the KITCHEN to GIVE to the guests. Or, apparently-fucking-not, because she stormed out ranting about how it was all hers. 

Shit, I wonder if she did that often, being stingy about food for 5 people. Certainly didn't reflect her weight.
I sighed, looking back around the corner at the plate that I had fruitlessly sacrificed to the table boy who had just scooped it into a garbage bag. No food, no conversation, no nothing.

I glanced up at the pretty waitress who was originally smiling hella. I made one last attempt to get food.

" I like order something from you, then...?"

My shoulders were slumped, because, shit, I was down. I didn't give a damn about that other bitchy waitress, I was just mad that she zipped off with a plate of potential sirloin. Shit was going down, man. And not down to my stomach.

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Re: Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

Rohana Khan | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Wed Jan 21, 2015 11:32 am

As I’d expected, Peyton’s reaction was to be prickly and try to undermine her good intentions, but I already knew. I just smiled and nodded at her. It was a shame she felt the need to cover over her kindness but at the same time I didn’t want to make her feel bad or embarrassed about doing something good.  Quote Begin Oh no, I won’t touch the steak. Quote End  I confirmed, nibbling at flesh of the small chicken leg I’d taken from the tray.

I’d been about to lead the way outside when a guest to the ball approached us and I paused, surprised when they addressed Peyton first. I’d thought she appeared a little unwelcoming to be considered approachable, especially over myself, but I just took a step back to let Peyton deal with it. Not too far that I couldn’t keep an eye on them, of course, but I didn’t want to get in the way.

My mouth fell open when first the guest asked Peyton for food, and then received a rude response in reply. I watched Peyton storm out of the entrance and then looked back to the… person, struggling to take it all in. Honestly, did we look like waitresses? We had high-visibility jackets on, but it wasn’t that so much that annoyed me as apparently that my dress also seemed waitress material. I’d taken time to pick it out and was very pleased with the outcome, so to be mistaken for a waitress, even if my look was being ruined by the presence of the bulky jacket, left me feeling annoyed at best. I’d heard the comment about the ‘mean girls’ earlier and couldn’t help wonder if it had been directed to me as well. I was hardly a tomboy like Peyton.

I cast a glance over the guest.  Quote Begin …no. I’m not a waitress. Quote End  I said, tone cold at first, and then I let out a little sigh as I turned to peer out of the door, trying to see if Peyton had waited. It didn’t look like it. I glanced back to the person who I still couldn’t figure out was a man or a woman, though they weren’t wearing a dress, and supposed there was no point in being rude. I flashed them a small smile.  Quote Begin I’m sorry, there must be waitresses or waiters elsewhere, perhaps back in the dining room or ballroom. I’d help you, but I’m working on security and I’m pretty busy. Quote End  I said.

Just as soon as I finished the radio in the top pocket of my jacket sounded. I grabbed it and held it to my ear, focus off the guest.  Quote Begin Have we got any female security officers on, boss? There’s trouble in the women’s’ bathroom. Quote End  I listened, and then pressed down the button to talk back.  Quote Begin Officer Saunders, it’s Detective Khan here and I’ve actually taken over proceedings for tonight. I’ll be right on it. Quote End  I ignored the confused sound on the other end of the line to check up Peyton’s frequency.  Quote Begin Peyton, I’m going to need you as backup in the ladies bathrooms, we’ve had a report of a disturbance. I’ll meet you in there but please hurry up. Quote End  I said into the radio, and quickly tucked it back into my pocket, already starting to walk away from the confused guest. I placed the remainders of my snack onto a passing waiter's drink tray. Quote Begin I’m sure someone will help you! Quote End  I called back, hurrying down the hallway to where I knew the bathrooms were. I took the skirt of my dress and lifted it so I could stride longer. Trouble in the ladies bathrooms.. of all places. I hoped it was just a silly fight between two people who’d accidentally worn the same dress and not anything worse, but some of the things I’d seen members of my sex do while on the force told me it could easily be otherwise.

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Re: Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:48 am

Uh, what was with all this smiling and nodding? Like had I skipped the memo where tonight I was actually being transported to the fucking twilight zone where everyone made even less fucking sense to me than they usually did. Seriously all this smiling, nice shit really wasn't the usual reaction I got outta people. And I really wasn't sure how I felt about it either, other than really uncomfortable. How the hell was I supposed to react to this crap anyway? Yeah, right, good. I glared at her for a second, wondering if she was on some kinda drug that just made her stupidly cheerful about fucking everything. 

Part of me almost wished I'd stayed just to see if Hana finally lost her saint cap at being called a waitress. Like, shit I wasn't an expert but it looked like she'd spent a pretty long time getting ready, way more than a waitress would anyone. But, nah I still doubted that would be enough to do it. You'd probably have to kill someone of murder puppies or something equally messed up to get her properly pissed off, and even the she'd probably be crying at 'the horror of it all' or whatever the fuck it was that got her off of her righteous kick.

So yeah, outside was definitely the better option. I kinda hoped I'd pissed off the guest enought that Mother Theresa had to hang back and deal with it. I'd actually get to eat some of my food without someone else tryna grab it. What the fuck was with that anyway? I shook my head and headed over to a low, decorative wall that spanned a section of the garden, just putting the tray down and lifting the lid. Fuck, finally. I grabbed a chicken leg and some kinda fancy shrimp cake, eating the cake in one mouthful and starting on the leg as soon as I swallowed.

Which was pretty much just when my radio buzzed and the Holy Mother herself started speaking. Man, I just couldn't catch a fucking break could I? I groaned and grabbed it from my belt, holding down the button, managing to swallow before actually speaking. Fucking hell, seriously? It's a fucking woman's toilet, how bad could it be? I let go of the button so I couldn't be heard and sighed, raising an arm and rubbing my forehead. Really? We were gonna do this crap instead of patrolling the grounds? I pressed the button doing again, making a concentrated effort to not sound as utterly uninterested as I was. Yeah fine, I'm coming. I grabbed a couple of rolls from the tray, then glared at the steak before I ripped open a roll and jammed the meat inside. What the fuck did I do with the tray? I replaced the lid and looked around, spotting a rose bush next to a butt naked statue and figured that was as good a place as any to hide it. Plus the tray would keep the food warm. 

A couple of minutes later I was just at the bathroom, chewing on my makeshift sandwich and still feeling like all of this was probably pointless as hell. I caught Hana's eyes, arching a brow. So what's going on in there? Figuring she'd have had plenty of time to check in the time it'd taken me to get here myself. Catfight, drug use? I asked, taking a couple of guesses and hoping what it was wasn't boring as fuck.

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