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 Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

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Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

Evie | Out of Character Account; Administrator

Posted on Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:31 pm

 Index Annual Winter Ball 2014

EVENT: Index Annual Winter Ball; 2014.
LOCATION: The Gunn Mansion.
THEME: The Night Before Christmas.

OUT OF CHARACTER START DATE: 12/09/2014 (Opened early!)

IN CHARACTER START DATE & TIME: 12/20/2014 - 6:00 P.M.
IN CHARACTER END DATE & TIME: 12/21/2014 - 1:00 A.M.

Noelle Benson
Farah Adams
Tiffanie De La Torre
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+ Wait for replies. Yes this event has no posting order, however if your character is interacting with someone, please wait for that someone to reply before posting your character again.

+ Try to avoid writing novels. Entrance posts can be long, and out posts can be long, however everything in between should be on the smaller side. I understand it can be hard to keep it small when a lot is happening and your character has a lot to react to, and that is completely understandable and fine, but if you can, try to keep your posts on the smaller side so it's easier for everyone to follow.

+ Read. Because there is no posting order, make sure you read everything posted in the thread, as everything may be deserving of a reaction depending...

+ Venture off into your own thread with caution. Big group threads can be hectic, but they can also be a lot of fun, especially when there is no posting order. So if you desire to venture off into your own separate thread, do know that people may be enjoying themselves in the group thread and you may end up disappointed if no one joins yours.

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OOC Message
Farah's Outfit, Shoes & Hair

"Really Farah, pull up the front of that dress before I pull it up for you. I told you that I didn't think you had quite the chest for it. George tell you daughter that she needs to listen to her mother, why doesn't anyone listen to me in this family? I swear one day you'll wish I was around to give you the advice I'm capable of...."

With a sigh I finally managed to drown mom out, looking over at my brother and making a show of rolling my eyes in the most exaggerated way possible and was rewarded with a smile and him having to look away so he wouldn't laugh. Even Dad looked like he was enjoying himself and trying not to laugh. Or maybe cry? Mom had pretty much been going on and on about it since we'd left the house. He'd said I looked lovely though, so I knew he didn't really care about the dress and how 'revealing' it was. Which it actually wasn't. My mom just had weird idea's about how much skin a young lady should reveal and had ever since her last trip to the Middle East.

I leaned over to Drew, my brother, and whispered, Did we ever find out whether we could actually nominate Dad for a sainthood? I mean, look it him- I nodded my head forward, watching my Dad glance over every now and then and smile at my mother as she just kept talking. Drew had to smother his laughter and I found myself grinning again. A grin that was still in place when we pulled up at the Ball. We came here every year without fail, and apparently Dad's family had done it too. A family tradition. Drew and I hopped out, glancing at each other before getting started on out own family tradition. The entrance was packed with people filing in as it always was and we'd always raced to see who could make their way through the throng first. This year was no different. I hurried forward, using my smaller size to squeeze past people as quickly as I could. 

When I finally slipped into the entrance hall I glanced around, trying to spot my brother.I slipped off my coat, feeling a little nervous about my dress now that there were actually so many people around to see it. I handed it off to be put with other coats, going back to looking for my brother. He'd sprouted up in the last year so I had a feeling he'd find it much harder for him this year. Sure enough a second later I spotted him coming through, a look of indignation of his face. "I'm not sure I like this whole 'growing up' thing. I got away with way more when I still looked like a kid." He muttered when he reached me and I grinned up at him. Join the club buddy. Soon they'll be throwing words like 'responsibilities' and 'maturity' at you. At least you actually look like you're growing up. I mean do you have any idea how weird it is for me having my baby brother be taller than me? "Sorry Sis, but in case you hadn't noticed it's not harder to be taller than you." I laughed, rolled my eyes and told him I'd catch up with him later, heading off in search of eggnog. Seriously, they always had the best eggnog here.

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OOC Message
Outfit, Hair & Makeup

Another year, another Winter Ball. And it was my first year where I wasn't feeling completely terrified.

The nerves were there, of course, what with my general lack of social skills or ability to talk to anyone normally without at least some alcohol consumption, but I was getting used to being around so many people. Maybe being in London for the past couple of months had helped with that, what with the crowds. Whatever the cause, it was enough to bring be some confidence that I wouldn't be a complete disaster.

My trip to London was slightly spontaneous. My mum suddenly got sick, and I decided it was my responsibility to look after her and the house. After all, she didn't really have anyone else to look after her. But after a couple of months she got the all-clear, and a few weeks later I returned to Index, just in time for the Winter Ball preparations.

I pulled up in front of the Gunn mansion, changed out of my flats and handed the keys to the valet as I got out of the car. While I was cold, I had to stop to appreciate the scene before me. The exterior of the mansion was always beautiful, but at the Winter Ball it was emphasised tenfold. Elegant Christmas lights twinkled over it, and warmth seemed to emanate from within. Faint music could be heard from outside, along with a babble of the voices of the guests. Everybody looked incredible - as usual. I had forgotten how much I loved this event.

As I was gazing at my surroundings, I was pushed aside by a teenage girl who appeared to be in much more of a hurry than anyone else. Shocked, I stumbled back into an older woman, and miraculously avoided knocking her clean over. Oh god, I'm so sorry! Are you all right? I asked. Good lord, not even five minutes had passed and I was already embarrassing myself. I felt that familiar twisting sensation in my stomach - the nerves were setting in once more. I had to calm down. The woman reassured me that she was fine, and turned back to her husband. Okay. Okay, it's not a complete disaster. Calm down. I fidgeted nervously with my hands, before resolving to actually start to head inside.

I pressed my way through the throng of people, generally trying to be as little of a disturbance as possible, before I broke through the crowd and into the entrance hall. I took off my coat, and as it was taken to be hung with the others I went to find a less congested spot. I took a glass of champagne from a waiter's tray and stood near the entrance to the ball room to listen to the music. Even if I didn't find anyone to talk to, at least the atmosphere was amazing.

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Re: Index Annual Winter Ball 2014 - The Night Before Christmas

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:19 pm

OOC Message
Outfit/Hair/Makeup | Landon | Landon's Outfit

I loved Christmas and balls (of all kinds, of course), so obviously it was impossible for Index to have a Christmas-themed winter ball and me not show up. The theme was simply "The Night Before Christmas" and I went all out. I found this gorgeous white gown for super cheap and basically formulated this classy snow-themed outfit with a pop of color on the lips because I couldn't resist.

I had also managed to convince Landon that it would be worth coming along, which is a major achievement by most standards. He completely refused to allow me to purchase him something to wear and instead threw on the only nice thing in his entire wardrobe (a completely non-Christmasy sport coat). And all this came AFTER his rant against Christmas and consumerism and how the Christians had stolen the day from the pagans and shit.

We drove separately but agreed to regroup at the mansion before the ball so he was waiting for me at the entrance, jeep already relinquished to the valets and looking standoffish enough that people were maintaining a clear five foot radius around him. The weather was absolutely terrible, 45 degrees and rainy. It was only a few days until Christmas, we needed some snow. I was dressed as the stuff, for Pete's sake! I hadn't owned a coat since becoming a wolf, but despite not being affected by the cold I made a mad dash for the door to avoid the drizzling rain.

With my enhanced agility and strength (not to mention mad crowd-weaving skills) I made it through the masses and into the mansion safely. The place was gorgeous, decorated with lights and trees and simply perfect. Since I didn't need to check a coat or anything I was already prepared to dive in to the nights festivities, and that began with a drink. Just one, of course. Everything in moderation, right? I swiped a champagne flute off of a passing tray and made my way towards the dining hall, because food.

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OOC Message
Outfit & Accessories

Ah, yes. The Night Before Christmas. More like a cop-out way to say The Nightmare Before Christmas. 
The Nightmare Before fucking Christmas, could you even believe it? It was the most quality, under-appreciated Christmas film of all time. The only place that you could find merch for it was Hot Topic and Disney store. So, truly, there was no way I was going to miss an entire Winter Ball themed after it.

Thing was, I typically chose not to socialize at stuff like this. I mean, sure, I DJ'd, which is likely what I'd end up doing here, but I never like... talked to people. Or was it that people chose not to talk to me? Maybe if I had something fancier than this dingy old tux that I wore to senior prom people would at least say hey--oh wait, no, that's right! People didn't talk to me because they didn't know how. It was always "How do you do--!! ...miss...ter?" or "Ladies first! I mean, sorry, after you--" or just a flat out "What the fuck are you?" Haha, yes, that's right. Thaaaat's why I avoided people.

But alas, here I was; my outdated iPhone 4 resting in my back pocket with my Beats earbuds connected to it, slithering up under my vest and around my collar. I knew it was uncouth to bring your own music to a party, but hey, I wasn't gonna pretend to enjoy myself if they started playing Taylor Swift.

I was a pro at two things, and two things only at social events: 1. making my way through crowds, and 2. finding the food.
Barely touching anyone, I made it to the buffet table and started eyeing all the sweets. That's right, fuck the ham. Santa was here for the cookies...

Just as I was about to dive in and build up calories, I noticed a handsome guy and his...girlfriend (...or...little sister?) making their way over. And shit, this was bad, this was awful, because now they'd notice me and question this 5-story pile of sweets on my plate and distract me from pouring my eggnog all hella precisely and throw off my food-balancing act and--oh, dear god, they'd start questioning my gender, too.

I sighed and averted my gaze.

Just play it cool, Li. Just play it cool. Play it cool in your 12th grade tux with your plateful of Betty Crocker....

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