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Hello and welcome! Index is based off of a small town located in western Washington, USA. Among many interesting stories, those of the paranormal seem to stand out, and spark the interest of travelers from all around the united states. From ghosts, to UFO sightings, there is plenty of paranormal play for everyone to participate in. While almost all townspeople aren't aware of the demons that lurk the night, the slaves to the moon, the nature mystics, or see-er's of the dead, there is still plenty of opportunity for them to encounter something of the paranormal kind. Weather in Index is typically rainy and wet, though you will find heavy snowfall in the winter, and the occasional hot and clear day in the summer.

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Bennigan's is hosting yet another Halloween special. This party is going to top all the years before thanks to this years donator, John P. Thomas. The event will be hosted in doors and offer a $500 prize to the best dressed male and female. So be sure to start preparing your best costume ahead of time! It's going to be great fun!